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2014-08-16 (Sat) 10:00

ふるさと納税 Hometown Tax

「ふるさと納税」をご存知ですか?よく耳にしていたものの、内容については ほとんど知らない私でした。
Have you ever heard of Hometown Tax System? I knew the name only and did not know what it was like before.

Recently, I often hear the news that the government plans an expansion of Hometown Tax System, such as doubling the upper limit of donation amount that is subjected to tax deduction. Thus, I come to be interested in this System.

「ふるさと納税」制度について、詳しくは 総務省のホームページ をご覧ください。
(Please refer to the MIC website for more information about Hometown Tax System, if you are interested.)

毎年、所得税・住民税は少なからず納税していますから、たとえ下限額(自己負担額)2000円を払ったとしても、好きな地方公共団体に寄付をして、寄付金控除を受けられるばかりでなく、お礼までいただけるなんて… 早速 実行に移してみました。

We can donate to local public entities which we prefer and receive not only tax deduction for donation, but also a gift in return, such as regional products (fruits, vegetables, etc.) by using this Hometown Tax System. Since we pay not a little tax every year for both income tax and residence tax, it is worth trying, even though we've got to pay the lower limit amount of 2000yen.

ふるさと納税、特産品、旅行など生活に役立つ地域情報サイト 『CityDO!』 計算シミュレーション

First, I checked the upper limit of donation amount deductible in this system. Calculation methods are explained at some websites. For your reference, I used this website for getting the limit amount estimated.


NOTE: If you input an income amount of last year for this calculation, the calculated value is just an estimation. You need to input the income amount this year to obtain the correct upper-limit amount for donation deductible.


After checking the upper-limit amount, I decided which local public entities I donate to. This site helped me a lot to choose the entities for donation.

 1. 寄付の申込に「電子申請」が利用できて、
 2. クレジット決済(ヤフー公金支払い等)ができる

Donation methods vary depending on each local public entity. In my opinion, for my convenience, I like the entities which have
 1. the electronic application system for donation, and
 2. the system of credit card transactions on the Internet.

なんとか、寄付の支払も終了!あとは、確定申告用の領収書をいただき、来年早々 忘れずに確定申告を行えばOK(のはず)!(お礼の果物等も徐々に届く予定で、嬉しいです

Well, I completed the payment for donation, now I am waiting for receipts to be sent, which I am going to submit when filing a tax return at the beginning of next year. Hopefully, I will receive some gifts (fruits) later on.

先月のブログでも記載しましたが、定期的にその他の団体にも寄付を行っているため、確定申告は毎年欠かさず行っています。所得税の還付を受け、住民税で控除を受けるためにも ふるさと納税を行った方は、年が明けてからの確定申告を忘れずに!

As mentioned on my blog last month, I regularly donate to other entities also, and thus I file a tax return every year.

Please do not forget to file a tax return by Mar.15 next year, if you donate by means of Hometown Tax System, in order to receive income tax refund and residence tax deduction !

★ふるさと納税のお礼について、後日のブログは こちら から!
☆See the subsequent blog "Gifts from Hometown tax" here, please.

★平成27年(2015年)から ふるさと納税制度が上記内容より改正されています。ふるさと納税前には くれぐれも最新情報をご確認くださいますよう お願いします!ふるさと納税の改正について こちらでも解説されています
☆Hometown Tax System was revised in 2015 and was changed partially from the description above. Please do not forget to check the latest information when you utilize this system.

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