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2017-03-13 (Mon) 01:47

解決 ← ブログの表示に問題発生中! Solved ← Problem Occurring in Blog Display (ToT)

現在ブログの表示がおかしくなっていて、問題に対処中です (ToT)
ご迷惑をお掛けしますが、直るまで もうしばらくお待ちください

Currently I have some trouble displaying the blog properly (ToT)
I am now trying to find the cause of the problem and will address it asap.
Thank you for your patience


問題 解決しました。
昨日ブログを見てくださった方には ご迷惑をお掛けしました。

Problem solved!
Sorry if you visited my blog yesterday, which mainly consisted of sentences with no background template used.

I guess it was caused as explained below:

The automatic renewal of fee-charging service called "FC2 Blog Pro" which I use for the operation and management of this website, failed due to my mistake of credit card registration, from which the charge was supposed to be withdrawn annually. Thus, the service was interrupted, which, I guess, triggered the trouble.

I wish I had a notification email before the charge was withdrawn. I just got the email telling me the failure of the automatic renewal.

私の場合、「決済完了」のメールではなく、「自動更新が中断されました」メールがきて、もう大慌て すぐに新しいクレジットカードで決済をして、再度「有料プラン」の登録手続きをしました(手続き自体はシンプルです、広告排除や独自ドメイン登録手続きをもう一度する必要はありませんでした)。
Right after receiving the email, I made payment for the charge and registered for the service "FC2 Blog Pro" again, which I believed would make everything all right, but it didn't as you knew.

The blog was displayed just simple and plain without any background template provided the whole day.

Well, the payment was received correctly, then, I guess the following might have caused the further trouble.

1. 単純に、再登録の反映までに時間がかかった。特に、私は独自ドメイン(.com)を使ってるし…。
Simply because it would have taken some time to reflect the new register. Especially, I use my custom domain.

2. この1ヵ月以上、ブログを更新していなかった。
FC2 Blog system has a rule that Ads show up automatically if you do not update the blog for more than a month, and such rule seemed to apply to my blog after the failure of automatic renewal. I consider the possibility of conflict between such automatic Ads appearing system and the Ads non-display function provided by the service "FC2 Blog Pro" because the problem was solved right after I updated this blog page to let you know the trouble.

Well, I do not know the exact answer. I asked about this to FC2 last night and I just have got the answer which advised me to clear my browser's cache. I do not know if that works since the problem was solved before I got the advice and thus I did not try it.

Anyway, I am happy now, I can write and properly show my blog again

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