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2017-01-29 (Sun) 21:00

デヴィッド・ゲッタ 幕張メッセ ★ David Guetta Live Show at Makuhari Messe, JP

新年明けてすぐ 1月8日(日)に幕張メッセで行われた デヴィッド・ゲッタのコンサートに行ってきました~  当日の天気は あいにくの雨  傘をさして 幕張メッセへ!
On January 8, Sunday, I went to Makuhari Messe to see David Guetta's live show raining on that day, though

Well, before writing about his great show, let me complain some about what happened at Makuhari Messe on that day

グチ1: 開演前から雨が降っていて、クロークがあるのに、傘を預かってもらえなかった~。持ち込みは禁止だし、傘は外に放置することに。会場の外には大量の透明傘が放置されていて、もう誰の傘だか分からない…。案の定、帰りには 私の傘は無くなってた~(名前付いてたのに)
#1: We were not allowed to check our umbrellas at the cloakroom, though it was raining before the show, they even did not allow us to bring them in (it was actually prohibited) and thus we had no choice but to leave them outside the venue which unfortunately resulted in lost my umbrella, though my name was put on it

グチ2: 開演前のドリンク待ちの列が とても長い上に なぜか全然前に進まない!ゴールドチケットで専用の列を利用したけど 意味なかったよ~
#2: There was a very long line for drinks before the show... how come it took so long??? Actually I had a Gold ticket to use an exclusive line for drinks, however, it did not help me at all

グチ3: ライブ後 クロークに荷物を取りに行くのに、一旦外に出て、会場の外を蛇行させられる羽目に。混乱を避けるためだろうけど、みんな上着等はクロークに預けているので、1月の冷たい雨の中、クロークに辿り着くまで 薄着で数十分も外で過ごす羽目に 雨で体が冷えるし、辛かった~ (ここでも ゴールドチケットは まったく効力なしでした…)
#3: We were made to go outside and wind our way to the cloakroom right after the show, probably for the purpose to avoid congestion, however, under such cold & rainy weather conditions in January we stayed outside for many minutes without our jackets. The Gold ticket could not be any help there again

I really expect the entertainments to be realized in a more comfortable way even at such a big venue like Makuhari Messe.

さて、本題!デヴィッド・ゲッタですが、楽しめましたょ こんな風に楽しめるなんて 実は意外でした。大御所的な方ですが、最近では さらにたくさんのDJの方々も活躍してるし、今回は「まあ行ってみるか」みたいな軽い気持ちで出かけていたので、冒頭から なんともいい意味でやられました
Well, about the concert, it was great without question David Guetta is a DJ superstar as you know, however, there are many talented new DJs coming to the forefront these days, which kind of has made him a DJ of the past, at least it seemed like that to me, honestly. The fact was different, his performance was great from the beginning of the show

選曲にバリエーションがあり、トークも盛り上げ上手だし、私たち観客の盛り上がってる様子を見て喜んでくれるし、それを素直に伝えてくれるから雰囲気が良い  キャリアがあるからこその構成、そして多くの人が楽しめる内容だったように感じます。
We enjoyed a variety of music selected by him and also his talk was pleasing, which really made us happy & excited and we could tell that he was enjoying spending time there with us, too I just swayed to the sound in such comfortable atmosphere. His long and experienced career as a DJ made everything happened on the stage on that day possible, I believe.

私は相変わらず 最初から最後まで 気持ちよくずーっと踊ってました いろんなビートを楽しめたし、音楽に合わせて体を動かすと、とっても気分いいです!!
Yeah, it was really fun, dance & dance swaying to the music from beginning to end I had a great time

一番聞きたかった「Titanium(タイタニウム) 」 良かったです
I like this song very much "Titanium"

Here is a live report by RO69 (Japanese writing only with some photos). 

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