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2014-08-08 (Fri) 10:00

アイオペ IOPE

My favorite shopping site !

I love to shop on the internet, because I can find the goods with very reasonable price

Especially, Qoo10 is my favorite website lately. They have clothes, cosmetics, daily goods and etc.

My first shopping at Qoo10 I bought IOPE air cushion. This is a talked-about cosmetic item recently from Korea.

IOPE公式オンラインストア ← 現在このサイトは使われていないようです
On the official website, IOPE air cushion costs 4320yen  I thought it was a bit expensive, since it was my first try on this product and I was not sure which color would fit well on me.

Thus, I decided to buy the refill only directly from Korea via Qoo10, since that was much cheaper!!

私が購入したのはC23リフィル1個、そのときは1599円でした。(色白でもなく、色黒でもなく、でもきちんとカバーもしたい… そんな理由でC23を試してみました
I chose a refill of type 'C23' which cost 1599yen at the time. I chose this color because I have a not-dark or not-light, but normal color skin. I thought it would fit me and actually it did.

I received it about 2 weeks after the purchase by international air parcel, freight free.

アイオペはリフィルのみでも使用可能です(ミラーは有りませんが ) なので、リフィルで気になる種類(NやC、21~23)をまず試してみてから本品を購入すれば、失敗も少ないと思います。
There was no problem to use a refill only without an IOPE body case (no mirror though ) I think it's good to try the refill first (from the type N/C, 21 to 23) and then buy the regular IOPE for your successful shopping !

I learned that I like the type 'C23' then, I bought the regular IOPE (the body + refill) on the time-limited sale which cost 2990yen at the time

I received this also about 2 weeks after the purchase by international air parcel, freight free.

Qoo10では気になるコスメをお得に試すことができます  よかったら、利用してみてください
You can buy your favorite cosmetics with reasonable price. It is worth a visit to the Qoo10 website!

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