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2016-01-23 (Sat) 02:47

ネイト・ルイス at 新木場 Studio Coast ★ Nate Ruess Live Show at Tokyo

新年 初ブログになります!皆さん、今年もどうぞよろしくお願いします
Very first blog writing this year Glad that you visit my blog this year again!

さて、先週になりますが 1/15(金)新木場スタジオコーストで ネイトルイスのコンサートに行ってきました
Well, last week on January 15, Friday, I went to the show of Nate Ruess at Shinkiba Studio Coast First live show this year!

ネイトと聞いても、ピンとこない人も多いかもしれませんね。FUN. というグループでボーカルやってる彼です。楽曲「We Are Young」とか有名ですよね
You might not know Nate, but how about FUN. ? He is the vocalist of FUN. I am sure you have heard their song "We Are Young" since it was a huge hit in 2012

歌声がとても素敵だな~ってずっと思ってて、東京に来ると聞いて、喜んでライブ行ってきました!今回のライブでは2階席は開放しないと言われたので、階段の段差のところで聞くことに。段差に助けられながら、ネイトの顔をよく見ることができました ネイトは ステージでは楽しそうに 歌ったり踊ったりで、とてもチャーミングでした
I love his voice very much and that's the very reason I went to the show. I stood on the steps in the venue to see Nate well, which worked well and I could see Nate singing & dancing happily on the stage How cute !!!

東京がとても好きなんですって!回転寿司とか、あんなとこや、こんなとこが大好き、でも一番は「私たちファンがいるから大好き!」なんて 嬉しいことも 歌にして(歌いながら) 教えてくれました
He explained for us what he loves about Tokyo with singing What made us the audiences happy was he said that he loves Tokyo (Japan) because of us fans

私が彼の曲の中で一番好きなのが、P!nkと一緒に歌っている「Just Give Me A Reason」
The song "Just Give Me A Reason" by P!nk (featuring Nate) is one of my favorites.

I was glad that I could hear this song in the show, and you know what, he made us laugh by explaining how he joins P!nk in this song (from the second verse). How cute

Definitely I love his voice, very unique voice. And since it is so unique, I think I prefer to hear the songs in which he is featured rather than his solo songs. The song below "Headlights" by Eminem featuring Nate is also good

Here is the live report (Japanese writing only, sorry) by Warner Music Japan, in which I found that Nate made the encore twice at that night. OMG, I missed the second one, at which I was on my way home already

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