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2016-03-24 (Thu) 23:55

メディプラスゲル★ Mediplus Gel

今日は、肌トラブルが多い私の救世主、「メディプラスゲル」について書きたいと思います。オールインワンタイプの基礎化粧品(ゲル)です。時々広告を見かけるので ご存知の方も多いかと…。
Today let me introduce a basic skin-care product, "MediPlus-Gel" which really helps me with skin problems. You might know this product, since it sometimes appears in ads both on TV and publications.


ずーっと以前に私のアレルギー症状について書いたのですが、ここ数年、加齢のせいでしょうか () お肌の乾燥が悪化の一途で、アトピーの症状がひどくなってきました…
Well, I once wrote about My Symptoms of Allergy in this blog. After that, maybe because of me aging () I have had worse skin condition with atopic dry skin

それまで使っていた基礎化粧品もほとんど合わなくなり、ただただ乾燥して荒れていく肌。乾燥する→痒くなる→掻いて肌が荒れる→バリア機能がなくなり、さらに乾燥・肌荒れが進む の悪循環
My skin got stuck in a vicious circle dry skin → itchy → scratching → skin barrier broken → dry skin worsened → itching more ...
I stopped using my usual skin-care product, since it was not good any more and could not help my bad skin condition.

特に、首、肩、背中、腕の肌荒れがひどく、もう襟元や背中の開いた服は絶対に着れない状態… おばさんであっても、さすがに この状態にはテンション下がりました。
My skin problems appeared especially on the neck, shoulders, back and arms. I gave up my wearing a low-cut clothes This was pretty sad, you know, women love to wear nice clothes at any age!

I started to collect word-of-mouth information on the Internet and order samples to find a good skin-care product for me. After doing this and that for about a year, I finally found it

それが「メディプラスゲル」!まず試しに1本購入してみたのですが、2~3日の使用で「これは いいかも」と好感触を得ました。
The product I found good for me is "MediPlus-Gel." At first, I ordered a sample bottle and received a positive response even with a-few-day try

I used plenty of gel at first for my dry skin. I applied really a lot

In the morning, I used 3 pushes from the bottle to apply MediPlus-Gel to face and neck after washing my face. In the afternoon when I feel my skin dry, I applied 1 more push. In the evening when I feel my skin dry again, I applied another 1 push. I applied 3 pushes after taking a bath. At night before going to bed, I applied finishing 1 push See, plenty!

全身乾燥肌の私は、顔から首筋にかけて、そして乾燥した背中、肩、腕にも使用していたため、3週間も経たないうちに1本を使い切ってしまいました(本来なら1本で2ヵ月使用可能、初回お試し価格は2996円)。でも その間、肌の変化を本当に実感しました。あんなにひどかった乾燥が良くなり、肌が潤い始めたんです 本当に、本当に嬉しかったです
Since I used the gel a lot for my dry whole body: face, neck, back, shoulders and arms, I finished the whole bottle within 3 weeks, though it is basically designed to finish in 2 months. It cost 2,996 yen for the first trial price, anyway. You know, this whole bottle worked really good on me and I could tell the better change in my skin

1本目を使い切った後は、肌の具合(乾燥の程度)もずいぶんと好転してきたので、それ以降の使用量は当初より減って、1ヵ月に1本くらい(定期10%割引価格で3596円)。普通の人よりは速いペースで消費してると思いますが、オールインワンで1ヵ月この価格なら お財布の許容範囲内です。
From the second bottle, I use less amount of gel compared to the first one, since my skin condition gets better Now I use one bottle for one month and it costs 3,596 yen (10% discount for regular purchase) . Still, I think I use more amount than other customers, however, I know it is the right amount for me and it costs 3,596 yen per month, which is not bad, since it is an all-in-one type gel and thus I do not need to buy any additional skin-care product.

昨年の10月中旬から使用を開始し、今年のお正月に親戚に会った際には、「お肌の調子、ずいぶんと良くなったね!どうしたの?」と嬉しい質問をされました。3ヵ月未満の使用で、客観的に分かるほど 肌のコンディションが良くなったようで、本当に嬉しい限りです。
Well, I started using this gel last October. When I saw relatives at the new year family reunion, that means within 3 months after using the gel, they could also tell the difference and asked me what I did for my troubled skin. This question made me happy, because this proved my better skin condition not only subjectively but also objectively

If you are looking for a good skin-care product, I think "MediPlus-Gel" could be a good option, not only for women but for men also such as after-shave moisturizer You can go to the website of MediPlus-Gel from here (Japanese writing only, sorry)!

余談ですが、今年に入ってから「メディプラスゲル」の成分に一部変更があった模様です。使用していて、今まで感じなかったような臭いを感じたので、「あれっ?」と思ってサポートに電話してみたら、成分の一部変更について教えてもらいました。私のように臭いに敏感な人には それが嗅ぎ分けられるのだとか…(百万人に一人とか言われたような…)。とりあえず、成分変更前の製品がある限りは そちらを送ってもらえるように手配していただきました
As an aside, an ingredient of MediPlus-Gel has changed since the beginning of this year. I noticed the smell of the gel was different from the previous ones and asked the customer support center if something was wrong with the product. They explained about minor change in ingredients of MediPlus-Gel and some who are sensitive to smell like me could tell the change in ingredients by smell Anyway, they have kindly arranged to deliver the old products to me as long as they have in stock.

Do I have a sharp sense of smelling like an animal? lol

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