サムスミス コンサート@代々木第一体育館 Sam Smith Concert at Yoyogi First Gymnasium

On Nov. 24, Tuesday, I went to Yoyogi First Gymnasium, Tokyo, to watch Sam Smith concert !

5月の新木場 STUDIO COASTで予定されていた彼のコンサートが中止になったときは悲しかったのですが(その時のブログはこちら)、こうして無事 年内に再度コンサートのために来日してくれて、感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです おまけに、こんどは代々木第一体育館と会場が大きくなり、さらに多くのファンがコンサートに行けることになったので、良かったと思います。
Well, I was sad when his concert at Shinkiba Studio Coast was once cancelled last May (see here for my previous blog about Sam Smith Concert Cancellation) however, he kept his word and came back to Japan The venue was Yoyogi First Gymnasium this time, much bigger than Shinkiba Studio Coast, so more people could have a chance to get a ticket and enjoy his songs, which was pretty nice

今回の私の座席は南スタンド1階、Gブロックでした。背が高くないためアリーナ席が苦手な私にとっては、1階席は満足な位置でしたよ  Gブロックだと肉眼でステージが見えますしね!(そのかわりステージの左右に設置されている大画面は位置的に見にくいです
My seat was located in South G block, 1st Floor, which was good for me because I do not like to watch from an Arena seat since I am not tall. I could see Sam well on the stage from my seat, though I needed to turn my head sideways to see the upper screens set on each side of the stage

さて、今回のコンサートですが、サポートアクトなしで、開演予定時刻19:00に対して 15分ほど遅れてのスタートとなりました。
The concert started a quarter after 7:00PM with having no support act.

Sam apparently lost his weight and looked more beautiful than before. I personally wanna know the secret of beauty (lol)

全体的にとても優しい語り口で曲を紹介してくれ、歌ってくれました。失恋の時の悲しみとか、いろんな話しをしてくれたんだけど、あれって男の人に失恋した話だよね…?私には正直理解しがたい内容なんだけど、でも不思議なことに、彼の歌を聴いていると彼のその時の悲しみとか いろんな気持ちが伝わってくるんです。つまり、頭ではゲイとか理解できないんだけど、歌を聴いていると、そういう偏見みたいなのは関係ないって感じられたというか…。
Sam introduced his songs with talking softly to us before singing. His talk was mainly about his experience of broken heart with a guy ... Honestly it was beyond my understanding, to love someone of the same sex, however, I could perceive his feelings through his songs which were much more compelling message for me to understand gay people to my pleasant surprise.

何よりも、彼の歌声にはものすごいパワーがあると思います。上手いのはもちろんです。音程も安定してるし、声量もばっちり でも何よりすごいのは歌声に秘められたパワー 初めてです、あんなに心(魂)がザーザーと洗い流されるような感覚を覚えたのは…。
His singing voice was so beautiful as well as good and comfortable with great volume. That was my first experience that I felt like my heart and soul was purified by his singing voice, yes, it was indeed powerful.

When I saw people's tweets about Sam after the concert, I saw some comments that mentioned "purification." It seemed not only me but other people also felt a kind of soul purification with his beautiful singing voice, Amazing

時間的には約1時間15分、若干短めなコンサートでしたが、内容はとても濃くて 非常に満足できたコンサートでした。また近い将来、彼の歌を生で聞きたいな
The concert time was for about an hour and 15 minutes, rather short time, but it was deeply fulfilling. I wanna hear his songs live again in the near future

コンサートでは、この歌に一番感動しました (最初の30秒くらい無音ですが、異常ではありませんので、歌い出しまで辛抱強くお待ちください!)
I love this song the best at the concert. (First 30 seconds is silence, but it isn't a trouble, so please wait the song starts! )

今回のコンサートの模様は来年2月にWOWOWで放送されるそうです!加入者の方は必見ですよ~ 詳細についてはこちらをどうぞ!
This concert is going to be aired on WOWOW station next February. See the details here.

Also, here is a live report by RO69 including the set list of the concert.


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