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2014-08-06 (Wed) 10:00

パーソン・オブ・インタレスト Person of Interest

I love to watch TV programs produced abroad, especially in USA & UK. One of my favorites is "Person of Interest," which I enjoy watching every week on AXN, Sky PerfecTV!

Currently, we can watch Season 3 on the air in Japan.

これ以降、ネタバレ注意! Spoiler Warning

The most memorable episode in Season 3 for me is "The Crossing" (Episode 9) that featured the strong feelings between Joss Carter and John Reese. There was a memorable kiss (and death).

Person Of Interest :
"You changed my mind Joss. You changed me."

(Video made by EmLovesRocknRoll1)

ここでのキスシーン… 単なる恋人同士のキスとは違うため、どうしても印象に残ります。製作者側の意図が知りたくて、検索しちゃいました!そしたら、さらに驚いてしまいました  あのキスシーンは台本には無いものだったそうです。

That kiss was something and more than lovers' kiss. I wanted to know the producers' intention behind this scene and then googled. I was really surprised to know that the kiss was unscripted.

以下、製作者ジョナサン・ノーラン&グレッグ・プレイグマンのインタビューより 一部抜粋
Below is cited partially from the interview with executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman.
(引用元:Hollywoodreporter.com ハリウッドレポーターコム

Carter's death came after she shared a nice moment with Reese, where they revealed their true feelings. Had she not died, had you thought about where their relationship might have gone?

Plageman: We've always felt the show could go there, but we always wanted it to be organic, and the most interesting thing that emerged in last night's episode was that the kiss was not scripted. We never wrote it in.
プレイグマン:番組が(いつかは)そこにたどり着くのでは と感じていましたが、それ(2人の関係?)が有機的(自然?)であって欲しいと思っていました。昨晩のエピソードで最も興味深かったこと、それは、あのキスシーンは台本には無いものでした。台本には書かれていないのです。

役者さんて、凄いですね。 役に入り込んでる…。だから、見てる人の気持ちも動かすことができるんだろうな~。
Actors and Actresses are great ! They can identify with the characters and feel their parts, and thus move the audiences.

This program is really enjoyable and the story gets interesting  I cannot stop watching this program yet !

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