ペンタトニックス @Zeppダイバーシティ東京 ★ PENTATONIX @ZEPP DIVERCITY TOKYO

1ヵ月以上前になりますが、6/11(木)に Zeppダイバーシティ東京でペンタトニックスのライブに行ってきました!
Last month, on June 11, I went to the live show of PENTATONIX at ZEPP Divercity Tokyo!

ところで「Zepp東京」と「Zeppダイバーシティ東京」がそれぞれ別の場所って、皆さんご存知でしたか?知ってますよね~、でも私は知らなかったんです てっきり、改名でもしたのかと思ってました。
You know that "ZEPP Tokyo" and "ZEPP Divercity Tokyo" are different venues, do you? But I did not know that I thought they just changed the name of the venue from "ZEPP Tokyo" to "ZEPP Divercity Tokyo."

なので、当日は東京テレポート駅に着いたら、観覧車の真下にあるZepp東京へまっしぐら 開演間近なのに なぜか会場では閑古鳥が鳴いていて、頭の中はパニック 「なんで、誰もいないの~?!」
Therefore, on the day of the concert, I went directly to the wrong venue, ZEPP Tokyo near the Ferris wheel after arriving at Tokyo Teleport station. It was almost the curtain time, however, I could not find any other audiences there, of course. You know why but I didn't. "How come ~ !!!"

よくよく会場の案内掲示板を見てみると「Zepp東京」と「Zeppダイバーシティ東京」は別施設と記載されていました… きゃ~、どーしよ~、と半パニックになる私。方向音痴の私は 恥ずかしながら 急に別会場には行けません。困っていると、同じ勘違いをしたと思われるカップルと(運よく)遭遇。若い2人はすぐに別会場の位置を把握し、何と親切に 私も一緒に連れて行ってくれたんです!お邪魔だったでしょうに、嫌な顔一つせず 本当に親切な2人でした。今さらですが、あの時は本当にありがとうございました m(_ _)m
Then, I found a bulletin board, which said "ZEPP Divercity Tokyo" is located at a different area and a rough map to "ZEPP Divercity Tokyo" was also provided kindly. I wasn't sure if I could go to the right venue with that map, since I was bad at directions! Under such conditions, I met a couple, who seemed to make the same mistake as me. This young couple instantly understood the situation by looking at the bulletin board and kindly took and led me to ZEPP Divercity Tokyo together How kind they were, I really thank them! I could not have arrived at the venue in time without them

Anyway, I managed to get to the right venue, ZEPP Divercity Tokyo near the Gundam statue, thanks to the kind couple! I sat down on the assigned seat on the 2nd floor after buying a drink. (I prefer to get a ticket of an assigned seat rather than the standing room on the 1st floor )

And finally PENTATONIX appeared on the stage and the live show started The stage setting was very simple; no drum set or keyboard; they sing songs a cappella

ペンタトニックスのライブは終始「フレンドリー」な雰囲気でしたよ メンバーがステージから降りて、歌いながら会場を一回りしてくれたときは本当にびっくりでした。これって なかなか ないことですよね。会場を3パートに分けて、みんなで「On my way home」の練習をした後、合唱したのも楽しかったな~
The atmosphere of the show was very friendly from the beginning to the end. You know what, they came down from the stage and walked around the standing room with singing! It happens not too often and thus was a surprise Also, we audiences were divided into 3 parts and practiced each part of "On my way home" to sing in chorus eventually , which was very much fun

個人的には「Evolution of Music」が好きだった~!直訳すると「音楽の発展(進化)」みたいな意味なんだけど、いろんな時代の曲をコンパクトに楽しめるから好き! よかったら聞いてみてね、面白いから!
I personally liked "Evolution of Music," by which we could enjoy music across the ages. Just listen, it is fun!

初めての経験だったんだけど、アンコールを求めるときに、観客みんなで手拍子ではなく、前述した「On my way home」の合唱をしたんですよ~  とっても感動的なアンコールでした。忘れられない思い出です
It was my first and unforgettable experience that we audiences sang each part of "On my way home" in chorus when calling for an encore, instead of clapping and saying 'Encore!'

With the On My Way Home Japan Tour 2015, PENTATONIX traveled 4 big cities in Japan from Tokyo (*3 shows), Nagoya, Fukuoka and then to Osaka, which I think is rare for artists from abroad, they normally stay in Tokyo and/or Osaka only. We can tell that PENTATONIX cares about Japanese fans

Here is the live report by tvGroove! (Japanese writing only, sorry)


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(2018/12/20 17:19時点)

Please listen to their beautiful singing voices! Stunning performance!


S Chu  

I remember Pentatonix

I remember they used to come up on my Facebook news feed all the time. It was the Daft Punk song that were shared on Facebook. I didn't know that they became so big that they're having concerts overseas!

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Re: I remember Pentatonix

こんにちは。コメントありがとうございます!ペンタトニックスの無名時代からご存知なんですね~。今では日本でも とても人気があるんですよ!コンサートも大盛況でした (*^^*) I did not know that FC2 does not accept English-only-comments. (Is that why I have not got any comments from overseas?!)

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