ニッケルバック @東京体育館 ★ Nickelback @Tokyo Metropolitan Gym

5月30日(土)東京体育館に ニッケルバックのコンサートに行ってきました  約1ヵ月前に同じく東京体育館でのケイティペリーのコンサートに行ったばかりだったので、道に迷うこともなく、座席位置も大体の見当をつけて 余裕をもって行くことができました!
Last month on May 30, Saturday, I went to the Nickelback concert at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, where about a month ago I visited for attending the Katy Perry concert, and thus I could go up there with no problems and also had a rough idea where my seat would be.

そして今回も座席はアリーナ席。前回のケイティペリーのコンサートのときにアリーナ席では背が高い人たちの壁にブロックされ、ステージ全体が見れず ぼやいていたのですが、今回は大丈夫でした  だって、ケイティの時と違って 舞台演出等はシンプルだし、ニッケルバックはとにかくガンガン歌うステージなので、ステージ全体が見渡せなくても大丈夫なんです
My seat was assigned on the arena/first floor this time again, which reminded me of the bad experience at Katy's concert, where my view was blocked by tall men and I could not see the entire stage well. This time, however, it was not so bad even on the arena/first floor because, different from Katy, I did not have to see the entire stage; Nickelback show was more simple on the stage, I just needed to listen their songs and see the performance mainly.

それにしても、コンサート 本当に良かった…  ニッケルバックの音楽は私にとって「どストレート」に心に沁み込んでくる音楽なので、ただもう歌が満喫できればそれで十分です。
Anyway, the Nickelback concert was really awesome and I fully enjoyed their songs live. I love their music very much, which comes straight and penetrates to my heart

I went to the Nickelback concerts before at Shinkiba in 2009 and Budokan in 2012 as well, which means I attend their concert regularly every 3 years (next might be in 2018? lol). Good thing for attending their concerts 3 times was I noticed something unique between the concerts.

まず衣装!やはり相変わらず、基本は黒のTシャツですね(ライアンは 黒の襟付きシャツだけど…)。ニッケルバックのツイッターにチャドのワードローブの写真が出てて、すべて黒のTシャツで埋め尽くされていて、納得でした(笑)
Firstly, their outfits! Their outfits are basically always black T-shirts, except Ryan with black collared shirt. It was fun that I found the picture of Chad's wardrobe on the twitter which was full of black T-shirts!!

あと、客層。今回が初参戦らしき若い人も結構いましたけど、私と同世代またはもう少し上のお兄様、お姉様方が毎回必ずいらっしゃいます。それも、かなりコアなファンな方々とお見受けします。あの方々も私と同じで3度目の参戦、いやいやサマソニや他国での公演にも参加してたりして…。なので、ニッケルバックのコンサートに行くと なぜか懐かしいような安心感があります。
Then, audiences! Every time I attend the Nickelback concert, I feel comfortable and familiar because I never fail to find the audiences of my generation or older, who all seem to be hard-core fans and must have attended the last 2 concerts like me or maybe more than that such as attending the Summer Sonic or going to other countries to see and hear Nickelback. Of course, I found many young Nickelback fans there also, some of who seemed to attend the Nickelback concert for the first time.

あと、セットリスト。ニッケルバックのコンサートが初めての人にも楽しんでもらえるよう(←私の想像)、セットリストには絶対不動の鉄板曲があります。例えば、「Something In Your Mouth」「Photograph」「Gotta Be Somebody」「FAR AWAY」「Someday」「Figured You Out」「Animals」「Rockstar」「How You Remind Me」「Burn It to the Ground」等々。何度聞いてもいいです  というか「また聞かせてもらえる、嬉し~」と毎回感激して泣きながら聞いてます (ただ、個人的には「If Everyone Cared」も やってもらいたかったー!)
Then, the setlist! I think Nickelback has some absolute songs in the setlist, such as "Something In Your Mouth" "Photograph" "Gotta Be Somebody" "FAR AWAY" "Someday" "Figured You Out" "Animals" "Rockstar" "How You Remind Me" "Burn It to the Ground" and so on for everyone even who for the first time join their concert can enjoy the show the most! I was moved to tears every time I hear those songs; I never get tired of listening to their songs (I personally wanted to hear "If Everyone Cared" though!)

Then, Timmy appeared on the stage again! Well, was that the same Timmy whom we had fun to have (teased by Chad) in Shinkiba?

Then, Ryan's solo outstanding this time! (I personally love Chad's voice, but can't help but root for Ryan also!)

あと、お馴染みのTシャツキャノン!残念だけど、毎回かすりもしません…  Tシャツとか、ピックとか、ドラムスティックとか、あれをゲットできてる人が本当に羨ましい~
Then, the T-shirt cannon! I never get anything, even cannot touch it  I'm jealous of you who could get those T-shirts, picks or drum sticks...

今回は上記に加えて「地震」がありましたね  けっこう揺れたそうですが、大部分の観客がそうであったように、私もコンサートにのめり込んで、四六時中ジャンプしたり、腕を振り上げたり、シングアロングしてたので、全く気付きもしませんでした  今回だけは幸いと言うべきか、携帯の緊急地震速報が鳴らなかったので、コンサート中に会場のほとんどの人の携帯が鳴るといったようなことも起きずに済みました。パニックもなしです。チャドが地震のことに触れたときも、なんで突然地震の話をするんだろう、って私 分かってませんでした。私たちがほとんど気付かない中、メンバーの皆さんは気付いてたんですね…。
Well, well, what was special this time happened during the concert was the earthquake  This earthquake was a relatively big one, though I did not notice it at all, as many other audiences did not either, since we had fun and were excited very much in the venue! The Earthquake Early Warning alert did not work on anybody's cell phone this time luckily (← sorry to use this word, this time only), as the result anyway, the concert ended safely without being disturbed by the alert sound or any panic. When Chad mentioned the earthquake during the concert, I could not get it and thought why he mentioned it. Yes, Nickelback members noticed the earthquake, while many of us did not...

とにかく、最高のショーでした。最初から最後までずっと立ちっ放しだったので、翌日 私の足はパンパンでした  何よりも、会場の外に出てから地震のことを知り、家に帰り着くまでが大変でした…  疲れた足を引きずりながら、激混みの満員電車に耐え、でも心は幸福感いっぱいで帰宅しましたよ~。家族には「地震後の大混雑・大混乱の中、よく帰って来られたね」と感心されましたけど、思い出に残るいいコンサートでした
Anyway, the concert was super awesome  I was standing from the beginning to the end, you know what happened on my legs next day, muscle pain  I was informed about the earthquake after going out of the venue. I had a long trip to go home, since almost all transportation stopped its service until the safety was confirmed by the inspection. Well, I stood in a crowded train for a long time and my body was tired but my heart was filled with happiness because it was after the Nickelback concert! My family was surprised to see me back safely and earlier than expected even after such a big-earthquake situation. An unforgettable concert in a lot of ways

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