ソロモンの偽証(Solomon's Perjury)

読書備忘録 Reading Memo

「ソロモンの偽証」宮部 みゆき (著)
"Soromon no gishō (Solomon's Perjury)"
Author: Miyuki Miyabe

備忘録(感想):  Memo (what I felt ):
"Soromon no gishō (Solomon's Perjury)" consists of 3 Parts across 6 Volumes (paperback edition): Part I 'Jiken (Incident)' Volume 1 & 2; Part II 'Ketsui (Determination)' Volume 3 & 4; and Part III 'Hōtei (The Courtroom)' Volume 5 & 6, all of which were fun to read and worth reading, though it took a lot of time for me to read through all 6 volumes

各巻頭に登場人物の相関図が出てくるほど「ソロモンの偽証」には多くの人物が登場するのですが、それでも それぞれの登場人物の心の内がしっかりと捉えられ、見事に描写されています。ストーリー運びも本当に面白く、睡眠時間を削って一気に読んでしまいました!(←以前「名もなき毒」の読書備忘録でも記載したとおりですね )まあ、図書館から借りていた本だったので、返館期限も迫っており せっせと読む必要性もあった訳ですが…
At the beginning of each volume, a character diagram is shown for readers' convenience to organize character information, since many characters appear in Solomon's Perjury! Despite there being many characters, each character and his/her internal emotion are well described by the author. The story line is very fascinating and thus I could not stop reading. I cut out my sleeping time to read through the books, as I did the same way when reading "Namonaki Doku (Nameless Poison)" written by the same author. To be honest, I had a deadline to read all the volumes anyway, since I borrowed those books from a city library

I think the author, Miyuki Miyabe, is really great and smart!! She has a brilliant insight and is able to see things from multiple points of view Amazing!!

登場人物に関して「こんな中学生はいない」等々の読者コメントも見かけましたが、確かに こんなに頭の切れる中学生は滅多にいないでしょう。でも、この行動の熱さは中学生ならではかな と私は思いました (高校生以上になると、反応はもっと冷めているような…。)
I saw some readers' comments which said there could not be such smart junior high-school students as the characters in the story. I agree with that, however, their power and energy to investigate the cause of a friend's death result from their purity and such purity is specific to youngsters like junior high-school students, I think  (If they were not junior but senior high-school students, the reaction toward this case might be different, might be more rational... )

Followings are the links to and outlines from AMAZON about Solomon's Perjury, all 6 Volumes Please try and read if you are interested, definitely my recommendation

ソロモンの偽証: 第I部 事件 上巻 (新潮文庫)

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ソロモンの偽証: 第I部 事件 下巻 (新潮文庫)

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Outline for Part I 'Jiken (Incident)' Volume 1 & 2
Christmas morning a 14 year old boy jumped to his death at the school yard, his suicide shaking the establishment, revealing a long simmering malice. The faculty worked hard to downplay the death, but the students would not allow it. The first of a three-part series by master writer Miyabe Miyuki.

ソロモンの偽証: 第II部 決意 上巻 (新潮文庫)

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ソロモンの偽証: 第II部 決意 下巻 (新潮文庫)

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Outline for Part II 'Ketsui (Determination)' Volume 3 & 4
After the suicide of a fellow student and the strong efforts of the school to cover it up, the students search for the reason, searching for any clue, trying to find a witness, and organizing a trial to find a guilty party, before the legal expert gives up in 15 days. Part 2 of a three-part series by master writer Miyabe Miyuki.

ソロモンの偽証: 第III部 法廷 上巻 (新潮文庫)

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ソロモンの偽証: 第III部 法廷 下巻 (新潮文庫)

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Outline for Part III 'Hōtei (The Courtroom)' Volume 5 & 6
Last part of a three-part series by master writer Miyabe Miuki. The student body have successfully gathered everyone for the trial, but when the last witness was summoned the case began to unravel, and not only is the case collapsing, but everything crumbles...

著者略歴 (「BOOK著者紹介情報」より)
宮部みゆき 1960(昭和35)年、東京生れ。’87年「我らが隣人の犯罪」でオール讀物推理小説新人賞を受賞。’89(平成元)年『魔術はささやく』で日本推理サスペンス大賞を受賞。’92年『龍は眠る』で日本推理作家協会賞、『本所深川ふしぎ草紙』で吉川英治文学新人賞を受賞。’93年『火車』で山本周五郎賞を受賞。’97年『蒲生邸事件』で日本SF大賞を受賞。’99年には『理由』で直木賞を受賞。2001年『模倣犯』で毎日出版文化賞特別賞、’02年には司馬遼太郎賞、芸術選奨文部科学大臣賞(文学部門)を受賞。’07年『名もなき毒』で吉川英治文学賞を受賞した(本データはこの書籍が刊行された当時に掲載されていたものです)

Explanation about the author in English here !


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