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2015-05-11 (Mon) 17:11

ケイティ・ペリー @東京体育館 ★ Katy Perry @Tokyo Metropolitan Gym

先月4/26(日)に 旦那と一緒に 東京体育館でのケイティ・ペリーのコンサートに行ってきました!今回 日本でのケイティのコンサートは4/25、26(土・日)の東京公演2回のみでしたが、私が参加したのは2日目の日曜日の方です。
Last month, April 26, Sunday, I went to the Katy Perry concert at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium with my husband. For the Prismatic World Tour Tokyo, Katy had a concert each on April 25 Saturday & April 26 Sunday and I attended the latter one on Sunday.

会場は様々なファッションに身を包んだファンたちで溢れ、みんなケイティの登場を心待ちにしている様子。それにしても今回の座席は微妙でした… 主催者先行の席でアリーナだし、決して悪くはないのですが、アリーナだと前に背が高い人が立つと本当に見えずらいし、手を伸ばしスマホで撮影してる人もいるし、視界に障害物が多すぎて、公演に集中しづらいのです 大きい会場のときに いつも感じていたのですが、今回確信しました。私はアリーナ席よりも、多少ステージから離れても会場が見渡しやすい2階席などの方が向いているようです。
Well, the venue was filled with Katy's fans and some of them wore very Katy-like fashion, which I enjoyed watching we all were looking forward to seeing Katy on the stage! By the way, I seated not far from the stage, however, I had much stress of seeing the stage; tall men standing in front interrupted me and lots of smartphones held high for shooting Katy on the stage also blocked my view It was actually hard for me to concentrate on Katy's performance because of such reasons This was not the first time I felt like this way; I quite often feel the same way when I attend the concerts at big venues. I am very much sure for the next concert that I had better reserve a seat not on the arena/first floor but on the 2nd floor even though which is located somewhat far from the stage, still I can enjoy a view of the entire stage !

さて、今回の公演はまずサポートアクトとして 女性DJデュオのザ・ドールズが登場しました。残念なことに、私にはただ騒がしい演奏でした…(辛口でごめんなさい、きっと私の趣味に合わなかっただけですね…
At first, The Dolls, a female DJ duo appeared on the stage as support act. Honestly, I could not enjoy their performance or music, just noisy..., sorry but I think it was just because they are not to my taste.

サポートアクトのパフォーマンスが30分ほど続き、その後は1時間程休憩。 いつも この休憩タイムが長くて苦痛です。かといって、この時間を見越してのんびり来場すると、開演時間前から前座のパフォーマンスが始まってたりすることもあるし(そんなときに限ってパフォーマンスがすごく楽しそうで見損なった感じがして後悔したり)、また前座の前にアーティスト本人が出てきてちょっとトークが入るときもあるし、アーティストによって本当に演出が異なるので、やはり開演前には着席しとかなきゃと思ってしまいます(笑)
The Dolls played for about 30 minutes, and then we had a break for about an hour. This break time was long for me and just made me bored  You know, I often experience this kind of waiting time for at least an hour for many concerts of singers from overseas  Is this waiting time really necessary? Well, of course, we have a choice to come late to avoid this long break time, still however, I think I had better enter the venue before the curtain time, because I know each singer has different stage scheduling; some singers let the support act play even before the curtain time, some singers make small talk before the support act playing and etc.

さて、お待ちかねのケイティは18:30頃 登場!みんな一斉に大盛り上がり! 1曲目の「Roar」から大合唱です 私もこの曲 大好き❤
Anyway, Katy appeared finally around 6:30 PM and we all got so excited! She started the concert with the song "Roar" and many including me sang along with her

楽しい、でも見えなーい ステージではあんなに凝った演出が繰り広げられているのに見渡せない!!←悔し~い!でも演出以外にも、ケイティのトークもとても良かったです 日本大好き感が満載のトークで とても親しみを感じたし、ファンを大切にしていることも伝わってきて、好感が持てました トークの時間が長めだったことからも それが分かります。言葉の壁を気遣い、ゆっくりと でもたくさん話してくれました。今回 日本では東京公演のみだったことから、ケイティが「○時間かけてここまで来た人~?」と時間を増やしながら問いかけ続け、10時間以上かけて来たファンもいてビックリでした。さすがです ケイティとそっくりの衣装を身に着けたお姉さん、ステージに上げてもらえて、セルフィーしてもらえて、ハグ&キスしてもらえて、良かったね その情熱(ファン根性?)が伝わってきました!また、洋楽のコンサートでは必ずと言っていいほど芸能人を見かけるのですが、今回のコンサートも結構芸能人来てましたね!ケイティのステージは、きっと業界の方々にも 見どころ 聴きどころ が満載なのでしょう!
Katy's performance was very fun to watch and the stage was elaborate! I wish I could have seen the entire stage, as I told, I needed to stretch or to move right/left to avoid anyone/anything to block my view Even though I could not see well the stage, still I could enjoy Katy's talk in which she expressed her love to Japan We could tell from her talk and attitude that she really loves Japan and cares about fans; she took longer time to talk to us, she talked a lot for us but slowly so that we could understand her English. She asked us how many hours it took to come to the venue in Tokyo such as "1 hour ?" "2 hours ?" ... and then surprisingly we saw some people raising their hands when asked "more than 10 hours ?" Well, one girl who must be a huge fan of Katy wearing almost same color and design as Katy's costume was fortunately picked and invited up on stage by Katy Very happy for her that she got selfies with Katy and hug & kiss, too By the way, I often see TV stars in the audiences of the concerts of foreign artists and this time also I saw many. Katy's performance was must-see & must-listen for them, too

ケイティは歌ったり(時にはギターで弾き語りをしてくれたり)踊ったり、トークをしたりと、本当に内容が盛りだくさんのステージでした。ステージ終了が20時を過ぎた頃だったので、正味1時間半程のステージでしたが、とっても楽しい時間でした うちの旦那も「エンターテイナーだ~!」と感動してましたし~(笑)
Well, on the stage, Katy was singing (once with her guitar!), dancing and talking, anyway a lot of entertainments we witnessed there We enjoyed the concert for almost an hour and half and it was over at shortly after 8:00 PM. That night was absolutely fun My husband also said excitedly "Katy is a real entertainer!"

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