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2015-04-14 (Tue) 21:43

雪の中の入学式 Entrance ceremony in the snow

春休みも終わり、新学期が始まって はや1週間。子供たちは進級・進学で、それぞれ忙しそうにしていますが、私はやれやれ、ようやく一安堵です。
Spring break was over and a new school year started a week ago (which generally starts in April in Japan). My children seem to be busy with new classes at school, while on the other hand, I get a sense of relief, lol

それにしても、この4月のお天気は本当に変!最近は雨ばかりだし… 何より驚いたのが、先週の雪 ←雪だるまを作るほどの雪ではなかったですが、雪降る中、傘をさして子供の入学式に参加しました  外気温は約2~3℃、これはもう関東では真冬の気温です。入学式用の春の装いなのに、厚手のコートや手袋が必要な程でした(正直、先月の卒業式のときのほうが暖かかったです…)雪の中の入学式、一生忘れないでしょう f(^^;)
Well, we have unusual weather here in Tokyo for April; in recent days we have a lot of rain  Moreover, what made me surprised was the snow we had last week ← though we did not get much snow to make a snowman, still, we had snow falling and I needed an umbrella for attending my child's entrance ceremony, when the temperature outside was about 2 to 3 degrees Celsius, which was normally the temperature for a winter in Tokyo area On that day, we needed winter clothes such as a coat and gloves, though under which we got dressed properly in spring clothes for the ceremony (I think it was much warmer at the graduation last month in March.) Anyway, I don't think I will forget this entrance ceremony in the snow

子供の成長は本当に早いし、嬉しいものです。卒業式や入学式など 節目節目で感動を覚えると同時に、その頃の自分のことを懐かしく思い出し、また、私を見守ってくれた両親のことを思います。
My children are growing really fast! I am happy to see their growth such as entering and graduating a school At the same time, those events remind me of my childhood and also of my parents watching over my growth in the past

新年度を迎える春は 公私ともにいろいろと忙しくなりますが、ワクワクする嬉しい季節ですね
Spring is the season when people get busy both personally and professionally, since the new school/business year starts in April generally in Japan, however, it is the joyful and exciting season, isn't it!


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