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2015-03-04 (Wed) 22:28

ワン・ダイレクション@さいたまスーパーアリーナ★ONE DIRECTION Concert in Saitama

2月28日土曜日、さいたまスーパーアリーナでのワン・ダイレクションのコンサートに行ってきました 先行販売でチケットを購入したのが昨年の6月。それから約9か月も待っての ようやくのコンサートです
On Feb. 28, Saturday, I finally went to the ONE DIRECTION concert in Saitama Super Arena; I bought the ticket via presale last June and then I had been waiting for this day for almost 9 months

This was my first time to go to the concert of so-called "boy band." ONE DIRECTION is not just a boy band for me but singers I love to listen to and thus I went to the concert by myself, though the venue was full of teenage girls.

そして、今回はとってもラッキー。なんと、ファイヴ・セカンズ・オブ・サマーがサポートアクトとして出演!この2グループの来日日程がとても近かったので、「もしかしたら…」と淡い期待を抱いてはいたのですが、そんな予感が見事に的中 この発表を聞いたときは、心底嬉しかったです。高いと思っていたチケットにお得感が出たような…
And you know, it was very lucky that we also had 5 Seconds of Summer for support act, which was announced only 2 weeks before the concert  Actually I had expected this since I knew their schedule to visit Japan was close enough to make this happen. Happy that my expectation came true  The expensive ticket turned out to be a good deal

当日のさいたまの天気は晴れ そして、さいたまスーパーアリーナはとにかく、人、人、人の山で、物凄いことになってました。女子トイレの列が半端ありません コンサート終了まで、トイレは我慢せねば…。
The weather in Saitama was fine  There were really many people coming to the Saitama Super Arena  There are some restrooms in the Arena, however, women's restrooms had very long lines and I had to give up using the restroom until the end of the concert

The performance by 5 Seconds of Summer started at 4:00 pm as scheduled. 5SOS seems to have more scope to improve as a band. I like their hard-working attitude, especially, I like a drummer Ashton with his earnest performance

デビュー曲であり、ヒット曲の「She Looks So Perfect」は とても盛り上がりましたよ!
We were very excited with their debut and hit song "She Looks So Perfect"

5SOSのステージは16:45頃に終了。休憩をはさんで、次はいよいよワン・ダイレクションです 予定では1Dのステージは17:10開始予定。私もそのつもりで待ってましたが、始まったのはなんと17:45頃。独り参戦のおばさんは正直待ちくたびれましたよ~
5SOS performance finished around 4:45 pm. After the break, we were gonna have the ONE DIRECTION performance scheduled at 5:10 pm. However, it did not start even after the scheduled time and then finally 1D appeared on the stage around 5:45 pm. I was honestly tired of waiting between the shows

でもでも、やはり1Dの歌は良かったです ヒット曲も多く、聞いていて とても楽しめました。彼らの歌は大好きなものの、実はメンバーについてあまり知らなかった私。今回のコンサートでは、リアムの頑張りに注目しました ステージを一生懸命に盛り上げてくれていて、私もリアムの手拍子やステップを真似て応援してました。そしたら結構楽しかったですよ~ そして、ハリーの歌声も相変わらず素敵でした
Anyway, all the songs sung by 1D were great  Many songs are hits and I enjoyed listening to their songs live. I like their songs but I do not know well about each member actually. I think I like Liam the most on the stage because he lifted the audience well by clapping hands and stepping to the music  I tried to follow him with claps and steps, which was very much fun  And of course Harry's singing voice was awesome

一番印象に残った曲は「Story of My Life」 生で聞けて感動しました
I love to listen to the song "Story of My Life." I was touched listening to this song live

今回のさいたまスーパーアリーナはスタジアムモードでの使用。とにかく会場が大きく使用されていたので、決して悪くはない席(SS席)に座っていた私ですが、1Dのメンバーは遠かった… かつスピーカーの大音響のせいで、私の耳はまだ少し変な感じ… 女子トイレは最後まで激混みだったし、会場に関してはちょっと残念な感じでした
By the way, Saitama Super Arena has Arena mode or Stadium mode used depending on the events. For the ONE DIRECTION concert, the Stadium mode was used, which can accommodate very large number of audiences. The stage was far from me and I could barely recognize each member's face, though my ticket was supposed to be allocated for a good seat  Also, I still now feel a bit wrong with my ears due to the loud sound from the system  And again, I could not use the restroom until the end because it was very much crowded. Honestly, I do not think I like the Stadium mode there.

でもでも、1Dのコンサートを体験できて大満足でした  メンバーが今後どんな方向性に向かっていくのか、これからも見守ってゆきたいと思います。
Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with the 1D concert and would like to witness the future direction of the group and/or each member

ワン・ダイレクション @ さいたまスーパーアリーナ
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