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2015-03-20 (Fri) 19:06

お掃除ロボット「ルンバ」と「ブラーバ」Cleaning Robot "Roomba" and "Braava"

We have more chances to see cleaning robots on TV commercials these days.

10年以上も前ですが、子供たちがまだ小さく、私の仕事も忙しく、なかなか お掃除まで手が回らずにいました。だからお掃除ロボットの存在を知ってからというもの、もうずーっとこのお掃除ロボットが欲しくてたまりませんでした。でも、当時は性能が未熟、価格も高く、購入は非現実的でした。
It was more than 10 years ago when I was busy with raising kids and doing a part-time job, and thus had little spare time for cleaning. Therefore, once I was aware of the existence of a cleaning robot, I had wanted it very badly. The reason I did not buy it at that time was that it cost very expensive while its performance was not sufficient compared to the one today.

でも2年程前ですが、やっと夢叶って お掃除ロボット「ルンバ」を購入したんです。購入の決め手は、性能が上がり、一般的に販売されるようになって、価格も現実的なものとなったからですね。手にしたときは、もうとにかく嬉しかったです
Anyway, my longtime wish came true and I bought a vacuum cleaning robot "Roomba" about 2 years ago. I thought it was the right time to buy because the cleaning robot became common and reasonable with better performance. You know how happy I was when I finally got it

肝心な機能性ですが、とっても良いです 音はちょっとうるさいですが、本当に良く働いてくれます。特に、カーペットの掃除が上手ですね。全部屋の掃除を終えると、ダストボックスにはゴミがいっぱいたまってます。
I am very happy with the functionality of "Roomba." Though it makes some noise during operation, still, it works really hard for me  Especially, it is good at vacuuming of a carpet. The bin becomes full after cleaning all the rooms, which means it does work effectively

購入当初の2~3回はルンバの後を追っかけて、どんなふうに お掃除をするのか観察してました。そうすることで、だいたいどんなものを事前に片付けておけばよいのか分かります。あとは、必要な場所にバーチャルウォールを置いて、スイッチボタンを押せばいいだけ!とーっても楽です
It was funny that I followed Roomba for the first 2 or 3 times after the purchase to observe how it worked, which gave me ideas what needed to be put away before using Roomba to avoid bumping cables and small items on the floor. Other than that, I place a Virtual Wall as necessary and push a button to start. That's it

I usually leave cleaning to Roomba and I do cleaning with a vacuum cleaner of the part where Roomba can't reach, such as the surface of a sofa, a filter in the air purifier and etc. This division of roles is important for effective house cleaning

ちなみに、うちのルンバは「760」モデル 基本機能搭載モデルで、とっても使い易いです。
By the way, my Roomba is "760" model which is equipped with basic functions and is user friendly.


iRobot Roomba 自動掃除機 ルンバ 760

(2018/12/20 16:43時点)

そして、私 もう一つ見つけてしまったんです。それは床拭き掃除ロボット「ブラーバ」 ルンバの使い勝手があまりにも良かったので、同じアイロボット社が出しているブラーバにも興味を持つようになりました。口コミ等もまあまあ良かったので、思い切って今年に入ってから購入してみたんです。
And you know what I found another cleaning robot "Braava"on the Internet, which is actually a floor mopping robot and marketed by iRobot Corp., yes, this corporation markets both "Roomba" and "Braava" I was very interested in Braava also and found out that Braava had a good reputation from customers like Roomba. It did not take years this time for me to decide to buy this robot, since I have learned how good the robot works from the experience of using Roomba.

ブラーバの知名度はまだ低いですが、買って大正解  本当にせっせと床拭き掃除をしてくれます。床拭き掃除って、自分でやると 掃除機かけよりも けっこう体力使うんです。だから、以前はそんなに頻繁に床拭きをしてなかったんですよね~ モップでささーっと拭くぐらい でも、このブラーバは簡単な乾拭きから、しっかりめの水拭きまで、本当に床をピカピカにしてくれます。ピカピカは大げさ?でも明らかに きれいにしてくれます
Braava has a lower profile than Roomba, however, this robot is excellent  It mops a floor really clean! You know, cleaning a floor manually with a wet rag requires much more physical power than vacuuming, which made me lazy in mop cleaning (I just mopped quickly.) Differently from me, this Braava does both dry and damp mopping at a constant pace to polish a floor Am I exaggerating? Well, at least, it makes my home clean with a good shine


iRobot Braava 380t フロアモッピングロボット 並行輸入品

(2018/12/20 16:48時点)

My Braava is 380t model with a special Reservoir, which keeps the cloth damp throughout the cleaning cycle and thus is recommendable, if your budget permits.

When you have time, cleaning with Roomba first, then damp mopping with Braava
When you do not have enough time, dry mopping only with Braava, which can capture visible dust.

お掃除時間や汚れ具合に合わせて、ルンバそしてブラーバの乾拭き&水拭きをうまく組み合わせて掃除をすると、ものすごく効率的 かつ きれいにお掃除ができますよ
You can clean rooms more effectively with combinations of Roomba & Braava (dry/damp mopping) according to your time and/or the degree of dirtiness on the floor.

忙しい主婦や、体力的にお掃除をしんどく感じているお年寄りの方々にも 優しいお掃除ロボットではないでしょうか
I think Roomba & Braava are very kind robots which can be a big help to busy housewives and elders who consider cleaning as physically demanding

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