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2015-02-03 (Tue) 18:53

確定申告の準備 Preparing for tax return

Tax season is coming soon

I work as a medical translator and file a tax return (blue return) every year. I become very busy during the tax season with work and also the preparation of the previous year's financial reports, spreading out papers all over the desk, with being helped by the accounting software...

取引先からも申告用の書類等が送られてくるのですが、送られてくる書類の中で嬉しいものといえば、寄付金の領収書かな…  昨年も1年間寄付に協力できたという「自己満足」なのですが、それでも嬉しいものです。
I receive tax documents etc. from customers. Also, I receive donation tax receipts. I know it sounds self-satisfaction, however, I feel happy to receive the receipts and know that I could cooperate to help people via donations through the year.

So far, I donate to following 3 organizations: "Medecins Sans Frontieres" "World Food Programme" and "Plan International" after thinking carefully which organization can provide what I want to provide. They withdraw donations directly from my account monthly.

People in this country still somewhat consider aid activities including donations as a big deal, however, I think it is simple actually. We can express our intention to donate money comfortably from a small amount. Regular monthly donation, as I make, is helpful to continue the support

もし、寄付について迷っている方がいらっしゃったら、今年は思い切って1歩踏み出してみませんか  日本円では少額でも、けっこういろんな助けになることができるんですよ!それで少しでも笑顔を広げるお手伝いができるのなら、こんなに嬉しいことはありません
If you are wondering whether to make a donation or not, why don't you step forward this year Even though it is a small amount of Japanese yen, it could be some help for people who need it You could make someone smile, isn't that great?


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