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2015-01-09 (Fri) 20:34

年末年始ハワイ旅行 Trip to Hawaii for New Year Holidays 2014-2015

First blog writing in 2015  Happy new year, everyone  I am happy that you visit my blog this year again, thank you

Well, my family and I went to Hawaii for the new year holidays   We spent the New Year in Hawaii 2 years in a row thanks to the long New Year weekend

昨年はクヒオ通り沿いのコンドミニアムに滞在していたのですが、今年は窓から海が見たくて、ビーチウォーク沿いのホテル(エンバシー・スイーツ)に滞在しました  幸運にもホテルでは海に面した角部屋を用意していただき、美しい海を眺めながら毎日をのんびりと過ごし、お休みを満喫することができました。
In the previous year, we stayed at a condo hotel along Kuhio Avenue, this time however, we stayed at a hotel (Embassy Suites) located in Waikiki Beach Walk because we wanted to see and enjoy the sea view out of the window  Fortunately, the hotel assigned us to a large corner room with a beautiful sea view  We had a relaxed time watching the beautiful sea every day and enjoyed the holidays staying there.

In the day-time, we enjoyed the nature in the ocean air, shopping and etc. In the night-time, we enjoyed the Christmas lights & the night view of Honolulu and etc. Traveling gives me energy to live as well as music

IMG_1129.jpg IMG_1128.jpg IMG_1127.jpg
色鮮やかな花がたくさん咲いていました。こうした花を見ることも大好きです  Many colorful flowers  I love to see these kinds of flowers

One of my favorite shops "Jamba Juice" I saw a long line made in front of the shop at the food court in Ala Moana shopping center, you know, there is also one across the street by Walmart where they had less customers. I like Jamba smoothies and energy bowls (acai bowls). They are good
IMG_1100.jpg IMG_1089.jpg
ダウンタウンのクリスマスイルミネーションも素敵でしたよ  Also, the Christmas lights of downtown were wonderful

マラサダ(ポルトガルの揚げ菓子)も美味!評判なんですね、夜でもお店は行列ができてました  Malasada, portugese doughnut, was yummy, too! It must be popular, even at night, I saw people made a long line.
IMG_1065_2.jpg IMG__20150101__071827.jpg IMG__20150111__073949.jpg

そして、何よりも新年の花火が素敵でした  ホテルのベランダ(ラナイ)からの眺めが最高で、真正面と真横の2方向で花火が上がり、圧巻でした。今回の旅行の一番の思い出です
And, the New Year fireworks were really, really great  We could see the fireworks in 2 directions, both at the front and the side of the balcony (lanai). Great view!! This fireworks event was the best memory of my trip in Hawaii

Because of the unexpected weak Yen, this trip went over budget, however, I could refresh myself and recharge my batteries enough to work, learn and play vigorously this year also

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