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2014-12-24 (Wed) 17:04

冬休み Winter Holidays

Today is my last working day of the year 2014 and also is the last day of fall semester at school for my 2 sons. (My husband has a few more working days until holidays, though )

Therefore, the winter holidays have started

冬休み前半はハワイでのんびりと過ごす予定でいます  なので、これから頑張って荷造りです
We are gonna spend the first half of our holidays in Hawaii  I need to start packing for me and my family right away

さて、一年を振り返ると、今年はブログに初挑戦して充実した時間を過ごすことができました  ブログ運営に関して分からないことだらけで、ずいぶんと勉強しました
Thinking of things happened this year, I have had great experience through writing this blog, while I had so many questions on my-first-try blog management  I think I really learned a lot

I am so glad that many people have visited my blog so far via Internet search engine, blog ranking sites, and so on.

忙しくてブログを書けないときも多く(今月もそうですね )、そんなときにちょこっとコメントできるようにツイッターまで始めました。ツイッタ―は同じ興味を持つ人々と気軽につながることができ、これも本当に新鮮な経験となりました。 ツイッター経由でブログに来てくれる人もいて、嬉しい限りです
Also, I started Twitter to give short messages when I am busy and cannot write a blog, like this month  This is also enjoyable experience for me because I can easily connect with people who have similar interests as me. I am glad that some people visit my blog via Twitter, also

I might not have time to write my blog during winter holidays but I'm gonna tweet maybe from Hawaii  I would be glad if you could see my tweets via embedding twitter widget in my blog

では最後に、チャールズ・ディケンズ「鐘の音」 から、以下の言葉を引用したいと思います。

In conclusion, here are some words quoted from Charles Dickens "The Chimes"  
"So may the New Year be a happy one to you, happy to many more whose happiness depends on you!"

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