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2014-11-26 (Wed) 00:56

私のアレルギー症状 My Symptoms of Allergy

I have had some allergy symptoms since the end of last week.

I have had allergies since I was a child and thus I do not panic and I know what to do when it occurs.

In my case, the allergies occur occasionally. I know when it occurs, because I have the following symptoms;
1. redness of skin around eyes, on forehead and chin.
2. general itchiness
3. hives
4. sneezing and runny nose
5. cannot breathe deeply.

I always have the symptoms of #1 & 2 above, when the allergy occurs. I have #3 when it gets worse. I have #4 occasionally. I hurry to take a drug when I have #5

I have learned from my experience that I had better take a drug as soon as when I have the symptoms of #1 & 2. Or else, I would have hives spreading and make symptoms worse

Therefore, I keep a stock of antihistamine drug "Allegra (Fexofenadine Hydrochloride)" at home. My physician gives me a month's prescription for Allegra, or sometimes I buy it at a drug store when the hospital is very crowded with patients due to seasonal pollen allergies.

I think my allergy gets worse than before, maybe because of my age (as menopause approaching ) or the effects of PM2.5???, I'm just guessing.

With various reasons mentioned above, I have tried a generic version of Allegra since the beginning of this year. As I introduce on a banner ad (a pic below), I bought the generic drug from Osakado, a personal import agency. The generic drug was shipped from abroad and I received it about 2 weeks after the order via Osakado. I personally put my trust in this agency, since the drug actually works on me and the cost is much cheaper than the one I buy in Japan, which helps me financially. The agency gains a good reputation also from others.

最近は ドラッグストアでも アレグラのジェネリック(フェキソフェナジン塩酸塩錠)を購入できるようになりましたね。選択肢が広がり、私もハッピーです。
Note (March, 2017):
Recently, we can buy Fexofenadine Generic Allegra at local drug stores. I am very happy about this.

余談ですが、アトピーの症状も「園児」の頃から持ちあわせていて、皮膚科にもよく通っていました。アトピーはずいぶんと軽度になってきたので、最近はステロイドは使わず、ひたすら保湿に気を付けています。特に冬場は乾燥するのでなおさらですね… ここ数年お世話になっている保湿クリームは「アロインスオーデクリームS」。これは、ロングセラーのクリームだそうです。緑色がどぎついクリームですが、保湿効果は高いです。外出時にも小さな容器に入れて持ち歩いています。
I also have suffered from atopic dermatitis since I was a kindergarten child and used to go to see a dermatologist often. Fortunately, my skin conditions gets better now. Thus, I don't use steroid medications any more but put some moisturizing cream, especially during this cold-and-dry winter season. I like to use "Aloins Eaude Cream S." This is a longtime-seller product and has high moisturizing effect, though its color is loud green. I bring it with me when I go out, putting some into a small container.


Not all people have the same allergy symptoms or medications to treat. I do hope that the right medications and/or treatments are found eventually for each one who suffers from allergies


メディプラスゲル★ Mediplus Gel

今日は、肌トラブルが多い私の救世主、「メディプラスゲル」について書きたいと思います。オールインワンタイプの基礎化粧品(ゲル)です。時々広告を見かけるので ご存知の方も多いかと…。Today let me introduce a basic skin-care product,

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