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2014-08-05 (Tue) 10:00

夏祭りと金魚 Summer festival & Goldfish


We have summer festivals here and there in this season ! My family, especially my kids, enjoy goldfish scooping at the festival every year and thus, we keep goldfish at home for more than 10 years continuously.

ただ、今年の夏祭りはお天気に恵まれず、雷雨 おまけに、子供たちも成長して、金魚すくいは卒業したようです。
This year, however, we had very bad weather (thundering rain) on the day of summer festival in our area. Also, my kids do not seem to be interested in goldfish scooping any more

今いる2匹の金魚が最後になるのかな… ちょっと寂しいような。
The 2 goldfish that I keep at home now would be the last ones ... Nah, I'm gonna scoop goldfish instead of my kids, maybe.

今いる金魚たちは大食漢、とにかく よく食べます  私が水槽に近づくと、エサをちょうだいとばかりに、口をパクパクしながら、アピールが凄いです  
Anyway, the 2 goldfish eat a lot. They are very good at appealing for food when I come near them in the fishbowl.

かといって、エサを与えすぎるとデブになるので、うちでは「アナカリス」を水槽に入れて、好きな時につつかせてます  植物を入れると、水槽の見た目も良くなるのでGOODです
I do not like them to be fat goldfish. Therefore, I feed them only once a day, plus I provide them Anacharis in the fishbowl, which they pick at to eat whenever they like. Also, green plant looks good in the fishbowl !


(水草)メダカ・金魚藻 国産 無農薬アナカリス(20本) 本州・四国限定[生体]

(2018/12/20 13:21時点)

If you first try Anacharis, it is good to buy the one with Life-Multi. You just need to throw it in the fishbowl


(水草)メダカ・金魚藻 ライフマルチ(茶) アナカリス(3個) 本州・四国限定[生体]

(2018/12/20 13:24時点)

Cleaning is also a problem for fish keeper ! I once put shrimps into the same fishbowl with goldfish to make them clean up moss and algae. My goodness, the goldfish ate all the shrimps, even baby shrimps

Then, I tried Otocinclus, which is a kind of catfish, commonly called "dwarf suckers." They are cute and great helper, eating green or brown moss & algae that is stuck on the fishbowl surface!

水槽掃除の頻度を減らしたい方、試してみてはどうでしょうか ただし金魚が大きい場合は、捕食しちゃうのでお勧めできません(経験談
If you would like to reduce the frequency of cleaning the fishbowl, it is worth trying! NOTE: If your goldfish is big, this is not recommendable, since Otocinclus might be eaten by the big goldfish (from my experience)


(熱帯魚)オトシンクルス(3匹) 本州・四国限定[生体]

(2018/12/20 13:29時点)

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