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2014-11-17 (Mon) 15:50

人間にとって成熟とは何か(What is the maturity for a person?)

読書備忘録 Reading Memo

「人間にとって成熟とは何か」曽野 綾子 (著)
"Ningen ni totte seijuku towa nanika (What is the maturity for a person?)" Author: Ayako Sono

備忘録(感想):  Memo (what I felt ):
びっくりさせられる本です… 内容がとても厳しいんです… 私的には、この本は曽野さんのエッセイと捉えているのですが、とにかく具体的な例(実名)を挙げての批判が多く(具体的で理解し易いとも言えますが)「ここまで書いて大丈夫なのかな~ 」と心配になったほどです。
This book, which I consider as an essay, is ..... rather sententious ....., sorry to say this, but the author is criticizing people giving specific examples/names. In general, specific examples can give readers concrete ideas. However, this book is too much, I think.  I even worry about "Is that all right with the auther criticizing people this much with specific names?"

私が40代、私の両親は70代、私の祖父母は(生きていれば)90代。そして曽野さんのご年齢は80代で、私の両親と祖父母の代のちょうど中間になります。何が言いたいのかと言えば、こうした世代の両親、祖父母をもつ私には、曽野さんのおっしゃっていることが多少は理解できます。その時代の人々によって育てられ、教育を受けてきているので。ですが、これが今の10代、20代の読者には理解できるかな~  私の子供たちは10代ですが、曽野さんの世代とも、私の世代とも異なった環境の中で教育を受け、成長しており、曽野さんのおっしゃることに拒絶反応を示す世代かもしれません… 実際アマゾンのカスタマーレビューも評価がさまざまに割れています
I am in the 40s, my parents in their 70s, and my grandparents in their 90s (if they were still alive). The author is in the 80s, which is the generation between my parents and grandparents. What I wanna mean is that I can barely understand what she says in the book, because I was raised and educated by such generations. But what about the younger generations such as 10s or 20s? My kids are in their early & late 10s and they are growing up and being educated under the environment very different from the generations of the author and even me. It might be hard for them, such young generations, to understand the author's thought or they could possibly reject it. In fact, this book receives various evaluations from high, mid to low at AMAZON customer reviews.


人間にとって成熟とは何か (幻冬舎新書)

(2018/12/20 16:03時点)

We readers learn to think the way the generations of grandpa & grandma do and benefit from their wisdom, if applicable and if we want to. Does this sound OK ... ? I do hope so

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