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2014-11-13 (Thu) 16:00

ジェイソン・ムラーズ★Jason Mraz

11月11日火曜日、渋谷のBunkamura オーチャードホールで、ジェイソン・ムラーズのコンサートがありました。久し振りの「全席指定」コンサートだったので、焦らずのんびり会場まで出かけることができました。
On Nov. 11, Tuesday, I went to Shibuya, Bunkamura Orchard Hall, to attend the concert of Jason Mraz. I did not have to rush to the concert, fortunately, since all seats were designated.

The concert started at 7:00 pm on time. At first, Jason appeared on a stage and introduced "Yes!" collaborators, Raining Jane (four-woman band). After they sang some songs, then, Jason appeared again and started the concert with Raining Jane!

それにしても、今回は会場がオーチャードホール。クラシックコンサートとかやるところですよね…。最初ここでやると聞いたとき「えっ、なんで 」と不思議でしたが、コンサートが進むにつれ、わかったような気もします。そういえば、コンサートのタイトルが「An acoustic evening with Jason Mraz and Raining Jane(ジェイソン・ムラーズ&レイニング・ジェーンとのアコースティックな夕べ)」でしたね…。
At first, I was surprised to hear that Jason's concert would be held at Bunkamura Orchard Hall, where classical concerts are often provided. After the concert, now I think I understood why there. Come to think of it, the concert title is "An acoustic evening with Jason Mraz and Raining Jane."

「観客に優しいコンサート」そんな感じのコンサートでした。ノリノリで踊るというよりは、ゆったりと音楽を楽しむ感じ。ジェイソンのMCも語るというよりは、音楽と共に流れる歌のようでした  アルバム「Yes!」からの曲を中心に、本当に多くの曲を披露してくれました 19:00開演で、20:40頃に1回20分ほどの休憩が入り、その後まだまだ歌ってくれて、22時前に終了。すごいでしょ、休憩があるんだよ!本当に満喫させてもらいました。(終電の都合でしょうか、なかには途中退席の方々もいらっしゃいました
I thought it was an "audience-friendly" concert. We could enjoy music comfortably rather than dance like crazy. Jason talked as if he sang with music. Jason and Raining Jane sang many songs from the album "Yes!" and others. The concert started at 7:00 pm and had an intermission from 8:20 pm for about 20 minutes, then they sang again for us. The concert was over around 10:00 pm! Wow, I never experienced an intermission during a live show/concert before. I became full of and satisfied with their music (I was sorry some people left the hall before the end of the concert, maybe because they had to catch the last train to home )

最後に歌ってくれた曲が、私がジェイソンを好きになったきっかけの曲「I won't Give Up」だったので感激しました
The last song Jason sang for us that night was "I won't Give Up." I was so happy to hear this song there, because this very song introduced me to Jason

madame FIGARO.jpにとっても素敵なインタビュー記事がありました。今回のコンサートをさらに理解できる内容だと思います。
Above is a good interview article at madame FIGARO.jp, by which we can understand better the concept of this concert, I think (Japanese only, sorry).

I think this would be the last concert I attend this year. Good close, thanks to Jason and Raining Jane



(2018/12/20 15:55時点)

The concert in Japan is now uploaded officially to Youtube  Have fun to watch

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