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2014-11-01 (Sat) 17:02

ドートリーのライブに行ってきました(東京 TSUTAYA O-EAST) Great Experience at the Live Show of Daughtry in Tokyo!

After attending the live show of Daughtry, I feel like something very big was over and accomplished.

ライブはとっても良かったですよ~ 予想どおり、クリス登場と同時に私は号泣でした この歳になって、こんなに感動することがあるんだな~って自分でも驚いたぐらいです。「やっと会えた」という心からの感動の涙です デビュー当時からずーっとドートリーの曲を聴いてきたので、それぞれの曲でその当時の自分の人生と(否が応にも)オーバーラップしちゃいます。だからファースト&セカンドアルバムあたりからクリスが曲を歌ってくれるだけで、私もシングアロングしながら、勝手に涙が溢れてました。その当時の(激動の?)人生を感覚的に思い出しながら…。
The show was very good I could not hold my tears (as I had expected), when Chris stood on the stage. "Finally, I could meet you " ←This kind of feeling just came out and I did not know how to stop it. I was surprised at myself getting excited and moved like this, regardless of my age  In both good and bad times in my life after knowing Daughtry (just 8 years, but which meant a lot to me), I have always listened to their songs. Thus, many of my memories are correlated with their songs; memories could be automatically brought back when listening to their songs, some of which brought tears to my eyes, especially the songs from the first and second albums, which instinctively reminded me of my life in those days full of ups and downs

それにしても、会場には多くのドートリーファンが集まりました。今まで一人孤独に応援していたので「こんなにいるんじゃん!」って嬉しいです。(私の歳のせいもあると思うけど)私の周りには今まで本当にだーれもドートリーファンがいなかったんです でもでも会場にいたファンの皆さんは、年齢層も幅広く、男女の偏りもなく、地味だけど熱心な音楽好きって感じの人々でした
I was really, really surprised (happy surprise ) and became happy to see that there were a lot of Daughtry fans in the venue. I had been a lonely fan of Daughtry for a long time, maybe because of my age (forty-something ), actually I did not know any Daughtry fans around me. However, in that venue, there were many Daughtry fans with a wide range of ages, both men and women evenly, who looked music-loving modest people

ライブではファンも熱くなって一緒に歌い、ドートリーの面々もそれに感動してくれているようでした。あんなに大勢のファンがドートリーの来日を首を長~くして何年も何年も待っていたんですね。ファンの大合唱にそれがもろ表れてましたよ~ ドートリーは東京の後はアメリカツアーに戻るそうで、海外最後のツアーがこうして大盛況となったことを本当に喜んでくれていました。こちらこそ「ありがとう」という気持ちでいっぱいです。また日本に戻ってきたいと言ってもらえ、ファンとして嬉しい限りです。是非また日本で歌を聞かせてください、お願いします、私絶対に行きますから
During the live show, the fans really loved to sing together with Daughtry, which seemed to make each member of Daughtry moved. I know the Japanese fans had been really, really waiting for Daughtry coming to Japan and to share this moment together  Chris told us that they were going back home, to the States, after this show in Tokyo and that they felt very happy to end the overseas tour with this enthusiastic applause in Japan. (← not the exact words, sorry, but he said something like this ) Well, if I can give this message to Daughtry, I wanna say "THANK YOU" for everything you have been giving us and coming finally to Japan. We fans are very happy to hear you saying that you would like to come back to Japan again  Yes, please come back to Japan again and sing for us, I am waiting for you again, I promise I will show up next time also

After the show, I felt happy and satisfied, though I had cramps in both legs  On the next morning, I listened to the first album "Daughtry" on a train on my way to the job. The experience that night became an unforgettable memory and a treasure to me

デビューシングル「It's Not Over」 最高です!
Debut single "It's Not Over," my favorite!!

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