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2014-10-28 (Tue) 13:30

これからドートリーのライブに行ってきます!Daughtry's Live Show Tonight in Tokyo!

いつもはコンサートから帰って、しばらくして落ち着いてからその感想を書く私ですが、今日は興奮しすぎて書かずにはいられません。何年も何年も待ち続けたドートリーがやっとの来日です。今日渋谷でライブがあり、もちろん参戦します。(昨日の大阪公演はどうだったのかな~?行きたかったけど、家族がいる身なので外泊は無理でした ) 今日は独り参戦ですが、寂しくありません!もう嬉しくて、嬉しくて、たまりません。彼らの歌に、クリスの歌声に今までどれだけ励まされたかわかりません。アメリカンアイドルのときからの一目惚れならぬ、一耳惚れです  今日は1曲目からずっと感動の涙の予感  やわな体力だけが問題ですが、今日は頑張って歌って、踊ってきます

I always write my impressions about the concert I attended some days after it, however, I cannot help telling you that I'm gonna attend the live show of Daughtry tonight at Shibuya in Tokyo (Actually, I wanted to attend the show in Osaka last night also, but I couldn't. I cannot make an overnight trip since I have a family I need to take care of ) Anyway, I am so so so glad that I can go and see them tonight  I've been waiting for them to come to Japan for loooooong time. You never imagine how badly I have been waiting for them! In various scenes and aspects of my life, I got power from their songs. I fell in love with Chris's voice at first listening on the stage of American Idol on TV. (I was so depressed when he was voted off ) Anyway I am very happy for him that he made a successful debut as a band Daughtry. I don't know if I can hold my tears tonight, I think I'm gonna cry from the first song when I hear his voice on the stage  Sorry, if I am too much excited  I will write later how this concert would be  I am gonna have fun and sing along with Daughtry and the fans tonight


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