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2014-10-27 (Mon) 18:44

FC2ブログPro(独自ドメイン取得) FC2BlogPro (Got My Own Domain)

FC2ブログProに申し込んだ話は 前々回 にしたと思うのですが、そのメリットとしてまず最初に活用したのが「広告ブロック」機能でした。この効果には個人的に満足しています。このブログは私の日常を綴る大切な日記だと思っています。だから、自分の意に反した広告は可能な限り排除したかったんです。
Well, I wrote about FC2BlogPro at the time before last (about 2 weeks ago), where I introduced the ads-block function as one of the merits of FC2BlogPro. I am satisfied with the result obtained from this function. I wanted to remove undesirable ads from my blog, since I consider this blog as my precious journal that keeps my everyday life.

そして今回は「独自ドメイン」に挑戦してみました。独自ドメインを取得するかどうか、けっこう悩みました。その意味があるのかどうか(有料ですし)… 自分なりにいろいろと調べてみました。まさに手探り状態です そして出した結論が「やってみよう!」でした。繰り返しになりますが「このブログは私の日常を綴る大切な日記」だと思っているので、だからこそ万が一にも管理元(FC2)が変わることがあっても、ドメインは変わらずに維持したいと思ったんです。
This time I tried to obtain my own domain for this blog  It took me some time before I decided to obtain it, since it costs some money per year (small amount though) and I was not sure if it was worth it. I assessed how much it could be useful and mean to me if I would obtain my own domain. There are many things that I do not know and I need to learn about obtaining a domain; the world of Internet  Then, I decided to obtain my own domain, anyway. Nothing can be obtained without a challenge  I want to keep the same domain for this blog forever, no matter if I continue to use FC2 as the web service/hosting company for my blog or not, since this is my precious journal that keeps my everyday life, as I said above.

(Old) 旧URL http://chancetosay.blog.fc2.com/
(New)新URL http://withagoodfeeling.com/

(New)新URL https://withagoodfeeling.com/

ブログ名と同じドメインが取れました、嬉しいです  301リダイレクトのおかげで、旧URLからでも自動的に新URLに転送されます。が、旧URLでブックマークしていただいた方は、お手数をお掛けしますが、新URLにブックマークを変更していただけると嬉しいです。
I am happy that I could get the same domain (withagoodfeeling.com) as the title of this blog "With a good feeling." If you bookmarked this site with the old URL, you can be automatically transferred to the new URL via 301 Redirect. I would appreciate, however, if you could bookmark this blog again with the new URL, thank you

I am going to make a note below about the things we've got to be careful when obtaining own domains via FC2.

It is said on the FC2 website, "Your own domain obtained via JP Domain Present Campaign and/or Kantan-Henkan (easy conversion) Service shall be used and controlled only within the corresponding FC2 services. You shall not use such domain with the rental server of other companies or for the FC2 services other than specified. Such domain shall not be transferred."

Therefore, you had better obtain your own domain by means of the normal procedure via FC2BlogPro (FC2Domain) , not via the JP Domain Present Campaign and/or Kantan-Henkan (easy conversion) Service mentioned above, if you assume you will transfer the domain from FC2 in the future. Of course, those campaign and/or service can be your choice if you are sure you would like to utilize FC2 blog service forever, since they provide safe and convenient services such as free email addresses at your domain without an additional contract of rental server.

Well, I would be happy if my experience described above would help you when you try to obtain your own domain via FC2BloPro, since that was the very point I pondered over.
(Explanation about the FC2 Blog in English here.)

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