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2014-07-30 (Wed) 21:48

PSPの充電ができない!PSP battery-charge problem!

My son's PSP got a problem on battery charging.

The battery-charge indicator did not light up, though PSP was connected with the AC adaptor. No battery left on PSP !! Since my son is a heavy PSP user, he was desperate.

I first thought that the AC adaptor was broken, and thus I decided to buy a new one. I made a search on Amazon web site and found a Sony brand-name product. It is expensive, though.


PSP 専用ACアダプター (PSP-100) (PSP-3000シリーズ対応)

(2018/12/20 13:02時点)

Then, I found a cheaper AC adaptor than the Sony product. It seemed to be a popular battery-charge adaptor for PSP. Reputation from other customers is also good. I decided to choose this one !


ELECOM PSP用 充電用ACアダプター ブラック GM-ACPSP

(2018/12/20 13:04時点)

そして、本日商品が到着!早速、購入したばかりのACアダプターをPSPに接続、しかし、相変わらずPOWERランプは点灯せず…  しまった、ACアダプターの故障ではなかったようです
Today the product was delivered from Amazon. I connected the new adaptor to the PSP, but the indicator still did not light up. Oh-oh, the problem was not on the adaptor but the PSP itself !

Then, I found a support page of Playstation via the internet. I should have checked this home page at first.

They have an Error/Failure diagnosis page, where I could choose a 'Charging Problem' from the symptom categories. It is great that they have the answers to the 'Problem of Battery Charging.'

As it is explained on the support page, I removed the battery pack from the PSP body and then put it back. That's it. The problem solved. The indicator started lighting up again!

基本の大切さを実感した瞬間です(反省) 購入したACアダプターは、万が一の時のためのストックとすることにしました
I learned a lesson. I should have checked the official web-site support page at first. Well, the new adaptor I bought is placed in stock for the next time just-in-case.

Hope this story could be a help for somebody who has the similar problem with me !

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