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2014-11-07 (Fri) 18:55

オールモスト・ヒューマン ALMOST HUMAN

先月までスカパーのAXNで楽しみに見ていた「オールモスト・ヒューマン」が放送終了となってしまいました。(今は再放送されているようですが…)シーズン2の噂は聞かないので続編の予定はないようです(不満だ~ )ストーリーも役者さんたちも好きだったんだけどな~。ジョンとドリアンの掛け合いを微笑ましく見ていたのは私だけかしら?
I loved to watch "Almost Human" on AXN, Sky PerfecTV. Unfortunately, this drama had the season finale last month. (Now, we can see it on a rerun.) This season finale seems to be a series finale, since we have not heard anything about its second season. Well, I enjoyed the story and also loved the cast very much  It might not be only me but I guess many who enjoyed the combination of John and Dorian, and also the playful dialogue between them

Even though I was told this was the series finale, honestly, I am puzzled by some things about this drama that have not solved yet in my mind; what is the WALL which was mentioned sometimes in the later episodes? What world is there beyond the WALL? Who embedded the memory of someone's childhood in Dorian and for what purpose was this done? Nothing of the situation regarding the criminal organization, the Insyndicate, was not solved including the John's ex-girlfriend's betrayal ????

一般論として、ドラマは少し謎を残して終了した方が、その後の想像が膨らんだりしていいかもしれませんが、今回の場合は残し過ぎです (ファンとしてはシーズン2を切望します
It could be fun to have somewhat of a mystery remained after the series finale, in general terms, so that we can enjoy our immaginasion increasing. However, there are a lot of mysteries remained regarding this drama "Almost Human." I definitely crave the second season as one of the fans of this drama

海外ドラマは面白くて好きなのですが、時々こうして突如終わったりすることもあるのが残念でなりません (ファンには商業的理由は理解できませんから~
I like the dramas from overseas, however, I feel unhappy sometimes to have this kind of sudden end  (It is not easy for fans to understand the commercial reasons underlying. )

Almost Human Trailer

I miss the playful conversation between John and Dorian ! I wanted and still want to see the next season !!

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