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2015-01-26 (Mon) 17:34

ふるさと納税(2014)のお礼No.2 Gifts from Hometown tax 2014 #2

Last October, I wrote about the gifts that I got from local public entities which I donated to via the Hometown Tax System, and after then, I received some more gifts from other local public entities. Today I would like to write about these gifts as a sequel.

まず、鳥取県西伯郡南部町から「新興梨(7.5キロ箱)」をお礼としていただきました。美味しくて大きな梨がなんと14個も~ それでも、梨好きの我家ではあっという間に食べてなくなっちゃいました
First, I received 14 big and juicy Shinko-nashi (a kind of pear) (about 7.5 kilos) from Saihaku-gun Nanbu-cho, Tottori-ken. My family ate them all quickly, since we like pears very much


次に、福岡県うきは市から「熊谷商店 かっぱラーメン(20食)」をお礼としていただきました。これには後日談があって、この20食は本当は味噌、塩、醤油、豚骨の4つの味で届くはずだったのですが、届いたのはなんと全部豚骨… 苦笑していたのですが、なんと2か月近くたってからお詫びのレターと共に味噌、塩、醤油に加えて、新発売のトマト味のラーメン計8食分も追加で送ってきてくださったのです。前述の発送ミスについてはこちらから特に何も言わずにいたのですが、こうして送ってきてくださったことに感謝して、ありがたくいただきました
Then next, I received 20 sets of Kappa Ramen, Kumagae-shoten from Ukiha-shi, Fukuoka-ken. This was funny that I received 20 ramen-noodle sets with 20 tonkotsu soup (soup stock made from pork bones), though I was supposed to receive them with 4 kinds of soup: tonkotsu, miso, syoyu (soy sauce) and shio (salt). Anyway, I had no option but to accept To my surprise, about 2 months later, I received a letter of apology and 8 more ramen sets with miso, syoyu, shio and newly-marketed tomato soup Gosh, it was a happy surprise I did not make any complaint about their mistake, however they voluntarily sent me the additional ramen sets I received them with many thanks. Of course, Kappa Ramen tasted good


そして最後に、大阪府池田市から「日清食品インスタントラーメン詰め合わせ」をいただきました。写真を見てください、もうびっくりの大きさです 写真では上段しか見えていませんが、実際には下にもう二段あります。普段 同じようなインスタントラーメンしか買わないので、こうして色々な種類でいただけると、新規開拓ができそうです こちらはゆっくりペースで楽しみながら食べ進めてます。
Then the last, I received a big box of assorted NISSIN FOODS instant noodles from Ikeda-shi, Osaka. Look at the photo, the box is very big Well, you can see the top of the box in the photo, but actually it has 2 more parts in the bottom I usually buy similar kinds of instant noodles and thus this gift gives me a chance to discover new kinds and tastes. I am trying these instant noodles one by one with having fun


Hometown Tax System can give me little pleasure in tax payment. I would like to utilize this System this year also.

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