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2014-10-23 (Thu) 10:00

名もなき毒(Nameless Poison)

読書備忘録 Reading Memo

「名もなき毒」宮部みゆき (著)
"Namonaki Doku (Nameless Poison)" 
Author: Miyuki Miyabe

この本を読むきっかけになったのが、TVドラマ「ペテロの葬列」。このTVドラマの初回放送を見て、思いっきりこの作品に引き込まれました。調べてみると、この作品は3作品のシリーズもの。そこで今さらながら、第一作目「誰か」、そして第二作目「名もなき毒」を読んでみました。ストーリーがとても面白く、引き込まれます。すっかり宮部みゆきさんの作品のファンになりました ちなみに、第二作目「名もなき毒」も既にTVドラマ化されているそうですが、まだ見ていません。本を読んだだけです。逆に第三作目「ペテロの葬列」はTVドラマを見ただけで、まだ本は読んでいません。こちらはドラマの余韻に今は浸りつつ、時間が経ってから本も読みたいと思っています。(実際、図書館の貸出順番もまだ1000人以上の待ちですから…

本よりもTVドラマを先に見たせいか、面白いことに本を読んでいてもTVドラマの配役で登場人物が頭に浮かびます 主人公の杉村さんは、もちろん小泉孝太郎。本を読んでいても、彼のイメージが杉村三郎にぴったりマッチします。きっと はまり役なんでしょうね!(杉村さんだけではなく、その他の登場人物もTVドラマの配役で私の頭の中に登場します。面白いです



Memo (what I felt ):
The reason why I read this book was unique; at first, I was drawn into the TV drama "Petero no Souretsu (Peter's Funeral Procession)" from the very first air. I found this TV drama was the third story from the books 'Sugimura Saburo series' which consists of "Dareka (Somebody)," "Namonaki Doku (Nameless Poison)" and "Petero no Souretsu (Peter's Funeral Procession)." Thanks to this awesome TV drama, I wanted to read the original books. Both the first- and second-series were really interesting for me to read and I was completely attracted. I become a fan of Miyuki Miyabe's works. The second series "Namonaki Doku (Nameless Poison)" was also TV-dramatized, however, I have not watched it yet on TV while I have watched the third series "Petero no Souretsu (Peter's Funeral Procession)" but have not read the book yet  Of course, I would like to read this third series, maybe after enjoying the impression of the TV drama for a while. (In fact, I am on a waiting list for the book in the library and there are more than 1000 people waiting before me to borrow this book, anyway )

What was funny when reading the book, actors and actresses who were cast in the TV drama directly appeared on my mind; for example, Koizumi Koutarou as Sugimura Saburo. I think Koizumi is really a good match for the main character of Sugimura in the drama

I admire the writer, Miyabe, for her creativity to write such great stories The characters and their internal emotions are well described in the story from the viewpoint of Sugimura. The story line is very fascinating and thus I could not stop reading. I cut out my sleeping time to read through the book

I really thank the TV drama "Petero no Souretsu (Peter's Funeral Procession)" for giving me the chance to meet the author and her works



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