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2014-10-06 (Mon) 11:51

ベネッセの情報漏えい、被害者でした~(ToT) Information leak by Benesse

Well, the beginning of this month, I received a report or a letter of apology from Benesse Corporation regarding the leakage of customers' personal information. (Click here for more information and click here also.)

そんな予感がしてたんです… 夏に一度電話したときは「お客さまの情報は漏えい対象に入っていません」みたいなことを言われたのですが、そんなことはないだろう、って思ってました。だって、子供宛てのダイレクトメールがその頃を境に急に増えてたから~
At the very first time I heard about this information-leakage news, I kind of knew or had a hunch that my kids' information was leaked by this case, since my kids joined and received the educational service provided by Benesse and we suddenly received lots of DMs to kids at that time, though Benesse said that my kids' information did not seem to be leaked according to their survey at that point.

案の定、今月に入って上述のお手紙が届いた訳です  ちょっとショックでしたね… 今回の被害は「進研ゼミ」をやっていた子供達2人に加え、なんと母親の私まで… ウィメンズパークに登録してたんです orz 4人家族のうち3人までもが、情報漏えいの対象となっていました
As I had feared, I received the letter of apology mentioned above this month. I was shocked, honestly. To my surprise, the personal information was leaked not only about my kids but also about me  Yeah, I remember I once joined the Women's Park Group organized by Benesse. 3 out of 4 family members are subject to this information leakage ...   I feel angry at the perpetrator and at the same time I feel sad

Well, this case really made me consider about the registration /management of personal information seriously.

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