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2014-10-05 (Sun) 23:16

サラ・バレリス★Sara Bareilles

先週9月29日(月)、恵比寿リキッドルームにて サラ・バレリスのライブに行ってきました。
Last week on Sep. 29, Monday, I went to the LiquidRoom in Ebisu, Tokyo to see the live music performance by Sara Bareilles !

恵比寿リキッドルームに行くのは初めてでしたが 入場してびっくり、割と小さめな箱なんですね  そのおかげで、後ろの方からでもサラを見ることができました
It was my first time to visit the LiquidRoom and I was surprised to see the theater small  Thanks to this small theater size, I could see Sara singing even from the back row.

19:00 開演 まず、サラの登場
(Sara appeared on stage !)

19:00~19:40 前座ミスティ・ボイスのパフォーマンス(前座をこなしつつ、本ツアーのギター、キーボード、バックボーカリストとして活躍!すごいですね!)
(Opening performance by Misty Boyce, she played the guitar, keyboards and performed backing vocals on this show. Amazing !)

19:40~20:00 休憩(Break)

20:00~21:30 (やっと)サラのライブ開始!
(Finally, Sara's show started !)

* 時間は大まかな目安なので、あしからず
(The above is approximate schedule implemented.)

Well, I have been to a number of live shows so far, and each artist was very good at singing, without a doubt. For me, however, Sara was special that night. She sang sooooo good on the show

I was moved by her songs. Especially, when she sang "Manhattan," I was moved to tears. I could not help it

You know, there are many people who can sing good, however, there are a small handful of people who can be professionals. Sara has expressive voice and moved me not only by the meaning of lyrics, but also by her expressive voice.

In addition, Sara covered and sang Sia's Chandelier for us. This is my favorite song lately and thus I felt so happy to hear it  I really thank Sara that she gave me the precious and quality time

サラ・バレリスのライブレポート(ソニーミュージックさん)は こちら から!
(Sara Bareilles Live Report)


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