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2014-10-03 (Fri) 17:18

ふるさと納税(2014)のお礼No.1 Gifts from Hometown tax 2014 #1

I wrote about Hometown Tax System last August. Today I would like to write about the gifts that I have got from local public entities which I donated to.

まず、山梨県甲州市から「甲州市産ぶどうセット」をお礼としていただきました。大粒の種なしぶどうが3房も  とっても美味しかったです
First, I received 3 bunches of big grapes from kosyu-shi, Yamanashi-ken. They tasted very good

Then next, I received 2 boxes of mineral water bottles (550ml *24btls/box) from Hino-gun Kofu-cho, Tottori-ken. I would like to keep these in stock for daily & emergency use. 
IMG_0991.jpg IMG_0993.jpg

Then the last, I received Hashima-dango (dumplings, 20 sticks) and Gohei-mochi (rice cake, 8 sticks) from Hashima-shi, Gifu-ken. All of my family members love Gohei-mochi very much  These days it gets difficult to find a Gohei-mochi stand in festivals and thus we have missed Gohei-mochi, indeed! How happy we are to get this as a gift
IMG_0996.jpg IMG_0998trim.jpg

I am not happy with the burden of tax payment every year, however, this hometown tax system can give me little pleasure in tax payment

★ふるさと納税(2014)のお礼No.2は こちら から!
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