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2014-10-02 (Thu) 16:18

上高地 Kamikochi

During the 3-day weekend from Sep. 13 to 15, my family and I visited ①Kamikochi, ②Matsumoto and ③Azumino.

①上高地はとても、とても大好きなところ 命を洗濯するために行きます。梓川は清らかで美しく、ウォーキングコース沿いに見える穂高連峰は雄大です。
Kamikochi is one of my favorite places. I love to visit there to refresh myself. Azusa river is pure, crystal clear and very much beautiful. I also love to see the grand Hodaka mountain along the walking course.

紅葉にはまだ早い時期でしたが、3連休中だったため、どこも人、人、人で混雑してました… 行きは沢渡の駐車場に入るのに1時間かかり、帰りはタクシーに乗るにも大行列で40分ほど待ちました
Because of the fine weather and the 3-day weekend, Kamikochi was very much crowded with people , though it was a bit earlier for the autumn-leaf season.

Before getting into Kamikochi area, I needed to wait for about an hour in order to park my car in Sawando area. Also, on my way back from Kamikochi area, I needed to wait for about 40 minutes in order to take a taxi

でも、やっぱり行って良かった上高地  今回は「河童橋~明神」をぐるっと一周するコースを歩いてきました。約2時間のコースです。本当は大正池から出発したかったんだけどね… 混雑してない時期にまたチャレンジします
However, I had no regret for Kamikochi visitation at all  I enjoyed walking around the course from Kappa bridge to Myojin. It took about 2-hour round trip walking  Honestly, I wanted to start this walking course from Taisho pond so as to enjoy the beautiful scenery much more... Maybe I will try next time when there are less people

②松本では「松本城」「縄手通り」を散策  松本城の天守閣には以前入ったことがあり、今回はお城の周りを散策してきました。お城とお堀の外観がいかにも「城」って感じで、ここも好きな場所です
In Matsumoto area, I enjoyed the Matsumoto castle and Nawate street. I once went up into the castle tower several years ago, and thus this time I just enjoyed walking around the castle. This is really a beautiful castle with a moat and I love this place, too

③安曇野では「大王わさび農場」を散策、そしてお買い物 ここ、本当にわさび製品が美味しいんです 今回買ったのは「わさび沢庵」と「わさびふりかけ」。いずれも食すとツーンとしますが、美味美味  大王わさび農場は無料で入場できますので、安曇野に行った際には買い物がてらに是非どうぞ!
In Azumino area, I visited Daio Wasabi Farm and enjoyed the scenery and shopping  They have really good Wasabi (green horseradish) products. I bought Wasabi Takuan (pickled radish) and Wasabi Furikake (seasoning), which are both good and so irritating to the nose  The entry fee is free there in Daio Wasabi Farm. You can enjoy going up there and shopping

そうそう、番外編でとてもよかったところが「あずみ野フルーツらんど」 みなさんとても親切で良い方々だったので、安心してぶどう狩りを楽しめました
Oh, one more place that I am not supposed to forget, it was Azumino Fruits Land ! Staffs working there are very nice and kind. They taught me how to pick the fruits. I enjoyed picking 3 kinds of grapes on that day; Fujiminori, Shinano-smile and Niagara. I enjoyed the 3 different tastes and liked them all

私が立ち寄ったときは「藤みのり」「シナノスマイル」「ナイヤガラ」の3種のぶどう狩りができました。それぞれの味の違いを楽しめてよかったですよ  最初に味見をしてから、ぶどう狩りスタート、そして精算。リーズナブルなお値段で、新鮮なぶどうをいただけて大満足  また是非訪れたいと思っています!(農園内での受付や駐車場所が分かりづらいので、事前に電話していくと安心でしたよ!参考までに
They gave me a chance to taste each kind of grapes before picking. Then, I chose the kind and amount that I would like to pick! I am very much satisfied since I got fresh and good grapes at a reasonable price

Next time I visit Azumino, I am sure that I will visit this Fruits Land again  (The parking and front desk were a bit difficult to find, so before your visit, making a phone call to ask the place is recommended.)

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