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2014-11-11 (Tue) 12:47

イオンスマホ AEON Smartphone

イオンスマホ第3弾"ALCATEL"を 購入しました!といっても、もう2ヵ月ばかり前になります。2ヵ月間使ってみて、とても調子よく使えていますので、今日はその感想など書きたいと思います。
I bought an AEON smartphone (the 3rd series) "ALCATEL" two months ago and so far I think I like it  Today I would like to write why I chose this smartphone and how I like this so far after using for almost 2 months!


The major reasons why I chose the AEON smartphone "ALCATEL" are,
#1. Cost only 2980 yen per month including the installment payment of the device (tax excluded)
#2. 5GB data package plan with high-speed LTE
NOTE: Good news! Data package plan improved from 2GB to 5GB without any conditions on and after Nov. 1, 2014
#3. No Early Termination Fee (ETF) required

I use wireless LAN at home and thus this 5GB package plan is sufficient for me outside the home. I enjoy stress-free internet communication for these 2 months with this smartphone "ALCATEL." If you hesitate to buy and use a smartphone due to the cost, AEON smartphone (the 3rd series) "ALCATEL" can be a realistic option

Actually, I pay 2980 yen per month (tax excluded) as mentioned #1 above with 600 yen per month (tax excluded) (2-month Free trial) of Anshin-package option (warranty, support, security) and call charge added. The cost of call charge is 20yen/30sec (tax excluded), however, it can be 10yen/30sec (non-taxable) using Biglobe application "Biglobe Denwa (Phone)."

購入してから自分でしたことといえば、オプションのイオンスマホセキュリティの認証手続きと、パケットチェッカーの「上限値/月」を変更したことくらいかな…(初期設定は800MBで低かった!) 分からないことがあればオプションのサポートに電話して聞きながらやってるし、スマホ初心者の私でも問題なく使用できています
After the purchase, I completed the authentication procedure of AEON Smartphone Security and also I changed the upper limit (per month) of the packet checker since the original limit was set too low of 800MB. That's it! It was not difficult at all for me to start with an Smartphone. When I have questions, I just need to make a phone call to the Support to get answers.

迷っている方はお近くのイオン店舗で直接店員さんに聞いてみてはいかがでしょうか 「○年しばり」がありませんので、万が一気に入らなくても機種代の残債だけ払えばペナルティーはありません。
If you are not sure about buying, why don't you visit a nearby AEON store and ask your questions! You will have no ETF but pay only the remaining installment payment of the device, even if you change your mind and quit it.

If you could get any clues about buying a smartphone from this blog today, I would be happy

Well, it's cold and rainy today but I am going to Shibuya this evening to attend the concert of Jason Mraz. I am happy because I am sure his pure singing voice will make me clear and comfortable

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