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2014-09-05 (Fri) 16:02

ルパン三世 Lupin The Third

I went to the movie "Lupin The Third" starring actor Shun Oguri.

I watched the movie with curiosity how the cast members play their roles in the live-action version of the famous story "Lupin The Third."

My comment is "Not Bad"  I am not saying I am completely satisfied with this movie, since the original anime "Lupin The Third" is a very much impressive work. However, I think the main cast members in the movie did good job

Shun Oguri as the protagonist "Lupin III," Tetsuji Tamayama as "Jigen," Go Ayano as "Goemon," Meisa Kuroki as "Fujiko" and Tadanobu Asano as "Inspector Zenigata." They all have excellent presence in the movie  Especially, I think Tadanobu Asano as "Inspector Zenigata" is surprisingly perfect for the role.

特筆すべきは、この作品がとてもインターナショナル(国際的)ということ! キャストもマイケル役にジェリー・イェン、ピエール役にキム・ジュン、等々が出演しています
It is also notable that this movie is very international; stars from several countries are appearing in the film including Jerry Yan from Taiwan as "Michael," Kim Joon from South Korea as "Pierre" and so on.

撮影も日本だけではなく、アジア各国(タイ・香港・フィリピン・シンガポール)に及び、とてもインターナショナルな作品に仕上がっています  世界を股にかける大泥棒「ルパン三世」らしいですね
Film shooting was done not only in Japan but also in Asian countries such as Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines and Singapore; this is indeed an international movie appropriate to the master thief "Lupin The Third" making the world his stage.

I have a feeling that this live-action version of "Lupin The Third" would become a great "film series" in a way apart from the anime works.

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