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2014-09-12 (Fri) 23:50

イントゥ・ザ・ストーム Into the Storm

I went to the movie "Into the Storm" last month.

I wanted to write down my impressions about this movie, however, almost 2 weeks have passed since I watched it. I don't know if I remember the details.

アリソン役でサラ・ウェイン・キャリーズさんが出演してましたね ドラマ「プリズン・ブレイク」で見ていた頃とあまり変わらず、相変わらずスリムで美しくて、びっくりしました。
Sarah Wayne Callies is cast as Allison in this movie.  It surprised me that she looks as slender and beautiful as when she was in the TV drama "Prison Break" some years ago.

Well, this movie reminded me of Kansas, where I stayed and studied at a college over 20 years ago. Kansas is located in the Midwest of USA. It is famous for "The Wizard of Oz" and also famous for a high number of tornado occurrences.

When I was in Kansas, I was told by my host Mom to evacuate to the shelter in case of tornadoes. However, the tornadoes in this movie are unusually super powerful I don't think I could survive if encountering such a level of tornadoes.

以前に比べると、日本でも竜巻が起こるようになりましたよね 最近の「短時間局所的大雨」といい、ちょっと怖いかも…。
Also, here in Japan, we have had more tornadoes than before, as well as record-breaking local heavy rains in a short period. Honestly, I am a bit scared of these natural disasters.

Hope such tornado disasters would occur only in the movie.

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