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2014-09-18 (Thu) 19:07

地震と地鳴り Earthquake and Rumbling Sound

We had a relatively big earthquake in the Kanto area of Japan early this week. I was surprised to have this big quake, because we have not had big quakes like this for the past year or two here in my place. I almost tried to hide and protect myself under a desk, since this big quake continued for a longer period than usual

After the Tohoku Earthquake that happened on March 11 of 2011, I am frightened by the big quakes, while I am not unduly upset by the earthquakes with the Japanese intensity scale 3 or lower. I think this is because I get used to them. I know I am not supposed to get used to them but I have to remain cautious

Then, I habitually store food, water, essential goods and etc, because I learned the necessity to prepare for emergency after the experience of the Tohoku Earthquake; at that time, there were less foods and goods left in any supermarkets and I had got to go round to supermarkets, convenience stores and other places by my bike every day to secure the food for my family.

ところで地震と言えば、東日本大震災後しばらくは、よく地鳴りが聞こえていました。周りに聞くと「地鳴り? 聞こえないよ~」と言われていたので、みんながみんな聞こえていたというわけではないようです。
Also, I often heard the rumbling sound from the ground during and some time even after the Tohoku Earthquake. Not everybody seemed to hear this sound, because my friends said they did not hear it at all.

地鳴りは低い音で「ごぉーーー」と、どんどん大きく聞こえていました。聞こえるのは、地震の起きるだいたい10秒前くらい。(緊急地震速報よりは、ちょっと早いくらいかな…) 近所の犬も吠えていたので、犬にも聞こえていたんだと思います。
I heard a very low rumbling sound, which got bigger and bigger. I think dogs also heard this sound because they barked a lot when the sound occurred. I recognized the sound about 10 seconds before the earthquake happened, which was a bit earlier than the official earthquake warning.

For a while after the Tohoku Earthquake, I gained a habit to put myself on guard when I heard this low rumbling sound

今週の地震の際には地鳴りは聞こえませんでした。幸か不幸か、ちょうどその時、ピンクの「トゥルース・アバウト・ラヴ」を大音量で聞いていたせいかな… 彼女の歌、大好きです
I did not hear the rumbling sound caused by the earthquake that happened this week. For good or bad, this might be because I was listening loud to the CD "The Truth About Love" by P!nk at that time  I love her songs very much


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