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酒井雄哉 (著)

Kono yo ni inochi o sazukarimoushite (Born into This World)
Author: Sakai Yusai

① だけどいろいろ知識がないぶん、迷わないで済むんだよ。知識は大事だけど、知識で頭の中がいっぱいいっぱいになっちゃうより、少し「空き」をつくっておいたほうがいい。

② 人生っていうのは、閻魔さんのところに持っていくその卒業論文を書くことだ、って考えたらいいんじゃないの。そう考えると、人生の目的がはっきりする。どう生きたらいいのか、死ぬときまでに自分の人生をどういうものにしていきたいか、見えやすくなる。

★Impressive words from the book★
1) I can make up my mind without hesitation because I do not have various knowledge to ponder. I know knowledge is important, however, it is good to have a little space left in your head rather than full of knowledge. 

2) Your life might be explained as if you write the diploma thesis to submit to Enma or Yama (the king and judge of Hell, who judges the dead). If you consider the life in this way, then your goal of life becomes clear; how you live and how you want to make your life by the time of your death.


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