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2014-12-01 (Mon) 16:55

今年の1曲 My Song of the Year 2014

今日から12月。師走です。主婦もとっても忙しくなります 年賀状も買ってきたので、ぼちぼち準備を始めなきゃ!ここから年末までは本当に一気に押し寄せてきますよね
December has just started! This is a very busy month for many people including me, housewives Well, I've got to do this and that for the preparation of year-end and new-year things, such as making lots of New Year's cards to friends, relatives and more  This month really, really goes quickly

さて(気が早いのですが)私の今年の1曲について書きたいと思います。私の今年の1曲は、ファレル・ウィリアムスの「HAPPY」です この曲については、ずっとずっと書きたいと思っていたのですが、タイミングを逸していました。
Today, I would like to tell about my song of the year. (It might be a bit early to write about this, though, it is just the beginning of December ) My song of the Year 2014 is "HAPPY" by Pharrell Williams. I have wanted to write about this song in my blog for several months, however, somehow I missed the opportunity

I love this song because it makes me "happy" without conditions  I dance to the rhythm automatically when I hear this song  Even my kids who are not interested in songs overseas start singing and dancing once they hear this song

何だろう、すごく不思議です。普段はあまりファレル・ウィリアムスの曲は聞かない方です。でもこの曲は特別 聞くと心が晴れて、笑顔になれます。みんなを元気づけてくれる1曲だと思います
I normally do not listen to Pharrell's songs, and thus I wonder why this song fascinates me this much  Anyway, this song "HAPPY" is very special for me and it is my song of the year, absolutely  This song can make not only me but also many people around the world happy and smile

もちろん、これ以外にも い~っぱい好きな曲があります。その時の自分の気持ちにしたがって、いろんな曲を聞いてます。
Of course, in this year, I have many other songs I love to listen to and I follow my own feelings at the time to choose the songs for listening.

今年後半によく聞いた曲で、ニコ&ヴィンスの「AM I WRONG」とか、コールド・プレイの「A Sky Full Of Stars」があります。この2曲も私をハッピーにしてくれる曲で、今年の大好きな曲です
I love "AM I WRONG" by NICO & VINZ and "A Sky Full Of Stars" by Coldplay  These 2 songs also make me feel happy!


Black Star Elephant

(2018/12/20 16:12時点)

PVの影響もありますよね…「AM I WRONG」はあの雄大なアフリカの映像が歌声とマッチしていて素敵ですし、「A Sky Full Of Stars」の あのちんどん屋さん風PVが気分を高揚させてくれます。というか、コールド・プレイの皆さんは、ちんどん屋をご存じであのPVを作ったのでしょうか
I think the PVs also effect on me: very majestic view of Africa along with the splendid voice of NICO & VINZ; and a cheerful musical band performed by Coldplay, which definitely reminds me of Chindonya in Japan  Or, do they know Chindonya and pretend to be???



(2018/12/20 16:13時点)

今年もあとわずか、まだまだいっぱい いい曲を聴いて1年を締めくくりたいです
We have just a month to the end of this year! I wanna close this year filled with good music

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