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★ 英語日記(和英併記)は 2017年4月迄で終了しました m(_ _)m ★

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2014-07-28 (Mon) 21:47

初めまして、よろしくお願いします!Nice to meet you !

日記をつけよう!それならブログに挑戦してみよう!ということで、ブログを開設してみました。でも、まだ手探り状態です… 少しずつ勉強していきますので、見苦しい点にはご容赦を!

My decision; I would like to keep a journal! And that is why I open this blog site today. I realize that I still have lots to learn to make this blog look OK  Anyway, I will learn more to make a good one. Please be patient!


Recently, I received a thank-you letter and a small present of charm strap from United Nations World Food Programme. I make a small donation every month to this Programme. It is very important for kids in the developing countries to go to school and receive education, I think. Don't you think it is great that we can help them with school lunch! I would be happy if you are also interested in this Programme
United Nations World Food Programme

WFP Letter & Charm Strap

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