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2014-08-05 (Tue)

夏祭りと金魚 Summer festival & Goldfish

夏祭りと金魚 Summer festival & Goldfish

夏祭りの季節ですね。夏祭りと言えば「金魚すくい」うちの子供たちが金魚すくいが大好きで、ここ十年以上、我が家には常に金魚がいます。We have summer festivals here and there in this season ! My family, especially my kids, enjoy goldfish scooping at the festival every year and thus, we keep goldfish at home for more than 10 years continuously.ただ、今年の夏祭りはお天気に恵まれず、雷雨 おまけに、子供た...

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