サム・スミス コンサート中止 (ToT) Sam Smith Concert Cancellation

5月7日(木)新木場 STUDIO COASTで予定されていたサム・スミスのコンサートですが、彼の喉の不調(声帯)を理由として 直前にキャンセルとなってしまいました。あの美しい歌声が生で聴けると とても楽しみにしていたので、非常に残念です
Sam Smith concert was supposed to be held on May 7, Thursday, at Shinkiba Studio Coast, however as you know, it was cancelled at the last minute due to the problems with his vocal cords. I was honestly disappointed at the news; I was looking forward to listening to his beautiful voice live

サム・スミス 来日公演キャンセルのお知らせ
(Sam announced the cancellation of his shows in Japan)

Then, Sam made an official announcement about the surgery based on the diagnosis by his doctors and also the cancellation of his upcoming shows and events between May and June.

(Sam Smith announced that he was going to undergo vocal cord surgery)

(Sam Smith Official Website, Live Schedule)

I therefore got a refund on the ticket I record the procedure of the refund below for future reference.

Since I got the ticket issued already at a convenience store, I had to return the ticket at the same convenience store (exactly the same shop), where I told a clerk that I wanted to receive a refund because the event was cancelled. That was it; the clerk scanned the bar code on the ticket and the refund (overall cost including booking fees) was automatically given at the register.

I believe he will come back Japan again for us! I will surely get the ticket next time also

In the Lonely Hour

(2015/5/13 17:21時点)

この歌を生で聞きたい~ Wanna hear this song live


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