3/30(月)新木場 STUDIO COASTにてフォール・アウト・ボーイのライブに行ってきましたー
On Mar. 30, Monday evening, I went to the FALL OUT BOY live show at Shinkiba Studio Coast, Tokyo

Well, I started listening to FOB songs just a few years ago. I like the genre of pop-rock since it's fun to listen to and easy to get into

会場には開演ちょっと前に到着(←毎回そうだけど)。新木場 STUDIO COASTは後ろからでも良く見えるので好きな会場です。今回はご縁があって道中で知り合った女の子と一緒に参戦!ライブやコンサートでは こういう出会いや巡り合わせも時にあり いいですね
I arrived at the venue about 10 minutes before curtain time (as usual). I like this venue since I can see the stage well even from the back rows. This time, I went to the show with a girl whom I just met on the way. Sometimes it is good to be a friend with someone whom I do not know but to be able to get close because of music

さて、ライブですが 先ずはサポートアクトのニュー・ポリティックスが登場!曲を聴くのは初めてでしたが、明るくライトな感じのロックで良かったですよ~ メンバーも盛り上げ上手で、何よりもメンバー自身が凄くこのライブを楽しんでる感じがよく伝わってきて、参加してる私も楽しく盛り上がれました  サポートアクトの役目をしっかりと果たし、休憩を挟んで、次はいよいよFOBです!
The live show started with NEW POLITICS as support act. I liked their songs, though that was my first time to listen to their songs; happy, soft/light rock  Each member of NEW POLITICS were good at warming up the show and I could tell that they themselves enjoyed the show very much, which made me enjoy the atmosphere also  After their great performance as support act, followed by a 30-minute break, we had finally FALL OUT BOY on the stage

FOBの登場とともに、観客が一気に、本当に一気に盛り上がりました!この時点で なんだか良い予感がしました そしてその予感は的中することに…!
Audiences got so excited when FOB appearing on the stage, and at that moment, I had a feeling that this show was gonna be great from the reaction of the audience, and this feeling proved right

フォール・アウト・ボーイ、本当にしびれるバンドです (←いい意味で泣いてます)そして、パトリックの声量「凄し!」です  楽曲はどれもこれも小気味よく、私はずーっと踊ってました。だって、バンドも観客も本当にノリが良く、心地良かったからー!
FALL OUT BOY, what a great band (← happy tears) I was astonished by Patrick's expressive and powerful voice  Every single song was pleasant and I could not help but dance the whole time, because FOB and the audiences were so excited and a comfortable atmosphere was created in the venue

「My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)」で観客のノリも最高潮!観客のノリの良さをFOBの面々も感じてくれてたようで、このままカーテンを閉じることなく、なんと そのままアンコールに突入することに
The excitement of the audiences was on peak at "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)" Because of this excitement (at least I thought so), Pete suggested that they kept playing a few more songs for an encore without closing the curtain

Pete kindly considered our conditions, especially the conditions of audiences standing in front rows and asked them to move backward to get enough space for safety, also he threw from the stage lots of bottled water to audiences to prevent dehydration

そんな気配りをいただいた後で、アンコール1曲目が「Centuries」 またまた盛り上がる、盛り上がる!この頃には会場内の観客が一体化していたように感じます。
Then, the encore started with "Centuries" Can you imagine how much we got excited! I think we audiences stuck together as FOB fans at this moment

そんな感じであっという間のライブでした。FOBのパフォーマンスは実質1時間15分程だったけど、大、大満足  まだまだ興奮冷めやらずです。
Well, the live show went by so fast; about 1 hour & 15 minutes, during which I had really a good time and was very satisfied  I am still excited, lol

I really enjoyed the FOB live show  Look forward to their continued success

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